Kroger 4 Day Sale?!

Seriously...why can't Kroger just tell us what is going to be on sale?!

I just saw a commercial announcing a Four Day Sale valid today through Saturday!  Here is what they listed.

Blackberries, 12 oz - 2/$5
Mayfield Ice Cream, BOGO $5.69
Coca Cola, 6 pk .05 L - $1.98

There could be more, so if you have the scoop let me know.  There is nothing listed online!

Update: Lynne also found that Kroger Wings 4 lb frozen bag $5.99 are also included.  She said folks at her store had no clue about the sale and the only way she knew was a sign located at the back of her store with a balloon attached??  Seriously?!?


  1. Mary says

    I was there today, there are more items. I was just running in for some Cuties, but I saw Nature’s Own Bread BOGO, $2.99 I believe.

  2. Kristin says

    Seriously – One wonders what the people at the Kroger HQ are thinking – new policies, the horrible situation with e-coupons, lack of communication about sales – are these people trained in their field? The employees at the local Krogers are just as unhappy – it is a nightmare of craziness for them. I WANT to be a Kroger fan, but continuously find that I cannot.

  3. Deanna says

    I guess they just want you in the store and to go down each isle to see what all is on sale. Makes it hard to have everything ready though before you get there, and I don’t like to stay there for an hour going through coupons to match the sale items. I would rather do that at home.

  4. Betsy says

    The going down every aisle thing is also sheer insanity with small children. I do like my Kroger, and I shop there often (yay for Toco Hills!), but the craziness of not putting sales out there to make it easy makes me a little nutty. Especially because there is a Publix in the SAME shopping center, which means you would think they would try a little harder.

    • Dave says

      Betsy, I agree with you – I shop at Toco Hills too, have to check every aisle at Kroger, and can’t imagine doing it with kids – that place is a zoo! It’s better than the Sage Hill Kroger though, that place is awful. Very unintelligent, unfriendly workers who are simply hostile toward couponers and anyone who wants some amount of customer service.

  5. kris says

    Natures own honey wheat bread (only the HW) BOGO incl in the 4 day sale…wish they would just tell me what was on sale

  6. Monica says

    The girls at my checkout yesterday were nice with my coupons. However, I also gave them a code for a free rental at redbox while she was scanning all my q’s…DVDONME if you want it. I hope it works for you guys too!

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