Bonus Fuel Points With Purchases

Not sure if you guys have seen the commercials or the tags in the store but Kroger is offering 2x fuel points on many items in the store. So items like cereal, candy, juices and more will have the tags.

Kroger is really trying to pump those fuel points. I guess if you are shopping might as well grab the perks 😉

Also, according to the online ad they are still offering 4X fuel points on gift card purchases.


  1. Sarah says

    The 4X fuel points on gift card purchases is great. My husband has a need for gift cards in his business. So last month, we were able to get $1.00 off a gallon a gas and filled up both our cars with full tank loads.

  2. Nancy says

    Today I noticed a sign with the hair care products stating that you would get 2X fuel points for hair care purchases. :)

    • Nancy says

      Also, there waa a sign by the gift cards advertising the 4X fuel points with the end date being September 10 (Saturday). Got a Lowe’s gift card for a birthday gift and plan on getting another gift card for an upcoming wedding gift.

  3. Jodi B says

    I saw these double fuel points for select food items on your ad, but it doesn’t say it on mine (38701) even though they advertise the same items on the front page. Kinda weird… maybe it will eventually make it up to MS!

  4. Jennifer H. says

    I saw double points for laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid and toilet paper here in Atlanta. I think they are ramping up the fuels program in preparation for doing away with double coupons. I completed an online survey about six months ago and was polled about my preference for double coupons or gas points. I would greatly prefer double coupons but I don’t think they will listen. They are now doing away with double coupons in Dallas Texas to go with no doubles in Houston Texas. I think that Atlanta is next.

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