Kroger Gift Card Promotion & Giveaway

I've got some great news for you guys...starting next Sunday, November 20 and through December 11, Kroger will offer quadruple fuel rewards points on most gift cards (just some examples of the cards available are Macy's, JCPenney, Sears, Starbucks, iTunes, Lowes, Gap, Old Navy, Chili's and Best Buy). You'll be able to knock out some of your holiday gift list while doing your grocery shopping.  PLUS, you'll get big savings on your fuel purchases!

Even if you are not planning on giving gift cards as a gift you can grab them for places where you plan on buying holiday gifts. That way you get the fuel rewards and can shop as you had planned! My husband is always stopping by Starbucks. I might as well grab him a Starbucks card and earn a perks for something he buys anyways!

I have even more good news! The folks at Kroger are giving three of my readers another nice little perk - a $25 Kroger gift card!

Entry is simple! You just need to complete the task below! You can gain up to 2 bonus entries as well (just make sure that you leave one entry for each one — up to a total of 3 comments.) As a reminder, comments left on Facebook, Twitter or other posts will not be included.  I will choose three winners on Monday 11/21 at 11 pm.


  • How many gift cards will you be purchasing to earn quadruple fuel rewards?


Disclosure: The folks at Kroger provided a gift card for me and my winners. All comments and opinions are my own. 


  1. Tina Coplan says

    I will be purchasing 5 gift cards. I love your posts on facebook and am now subscribed to the email updates as well, although I think that one mode of communication is plenty. Thank you.

  2. Mel says

    I plan on buying several. We have a number of young people that we give gift cards for the holidays. Love to get some free fuel for my efforts!

  3. danielle h. says

    i will be buying a few !!! i love the fuel points, i always brag what i paid at the pump (with my discount) to others. they’re so jealous lol

  4. kristi says

    i have not thought about purchasing gc until now…what a great promotion, i may just have to go pick up a few, restaurant gc are always nice!

  5. Cheryl Barnett says

    During holiday seasons I usually purchase 3-4 cards for gifts to mail to special family members.

  6. says

    i plan to purchase approx $200 of gifts cards with this quadruple points offer. This is an awesome deal. I took advantage of a similar promotion they offered last year. I helps the fuel points add up quickly!!!
    I follow I heart kroger through facebook and emails

  7. Amy says

    I will probably be buying a few to finish up my shopping. The fuel points really help in this day and time. Thanks for all you do for us it is truly appreciated.

  8. Tracy says

    I will not be purchasing any gift cards for fuel points. BUT I’d love to win a Kroger gift card. I shop at Kroger at least once a week. Thank you for having these giveaways and for all you to do to help us save money!

  9. Kerrie Hightower says

    I will be purchasing at least 2 gift cards but up to 4. I was hoping Kroger would be offering a promotion like this so I could get the most out of my gift card purchase!

  10. Damian says

    I normally don’t buy gift cards, but I will definitely check them out to see what they have. If they have Outback I’ll buy a couple.

  11. Michelle White says

    I will be buying all of my gift cards at Kroger. Even the ones I will just use to buy gifts with. It is worth it for the fuel points!
    Michelle W.

  12. sTEPHANIE jj says

    I buy these for myself and use like cash. But as for giving the gift card as a gift I would have to say 5.
    I fb but havent jumped on the twitter bandwagon

  13. NanciY says

    Just found your site! I will buy at least 4, maybe a LOT more! Can’t beat them for Christmas gifts for my nail lady, my groomer, my stylist, the mailman, etc!

  14. Marilyn says

    I usually purchase 3-4 of these gift cards when the 4x gas promotions are on so will do at least 4 for the Holiday one. Kroger is my favorite grocery store!

  15. Paula B says

    I will buy at least one for Amazon (if included) as my daughter loves to order things online. I will probably buy some others as well.

  16. Melisa says

    I’ll be buying at least 6, possibly more. The extra points will help save on all the gas I’ll use going out shopping! I’m so excited.

  17. Jamie says

    If itunes is included I will buy my husband 1 and probably one to the stores we are shopping on black friday. So maybe 4??

  18. Connie Blunk says

    I plan to buy at least 5 to do online shopping…Can’t wait for the headaches to

  19. Kristen says

    There’s at least 4 that i can think of. But i usually purchase a couple of $10 gift cards to keep on hand as extra gifts juuuust in case.

  20. Anna says

    I might pick a couple (2-3) since I can earn points, even if I use them myself for Christmas gifts!

  21. Lindsey says

    The cards would work well for a Christmas exchange, may get two of them…thanks for the info and hope to have a chance at the $25 card. :-)

  22. says

    I don’t think I’ll get any because I actually got present ideas from people rather than just requests for GCs. But if I did need some, I’d get them!

  23. Melissa Dansby says

    I always buy around 5-8 gift cards for Christmas but I’ve never thought to buy them from Kroger until reading this lol. I know where I’ll be getting my gift cards this year!

  24. TRACIA says

    i love getting your emails and following on facebook….not sure how may gc i will be purchasing til i get my christmas list figured about…if i had to say now i would say atleast 2

  25. says

    I follow I Heart Kroger on FB and get e-mail updates. I will be purchasing at least 3 Kroger gift cards for the triple fuel points. My store always seems to “beef up” their variety and stock of gift cards around the holidays, so who knows, I may be buying more than that!!

  26. Ruby says

    We don’t get quadruple miles here in AL so maybe when I go up to TN I’ll pick up 4-5 giftcards.

  27. Kelly R. says

    My sister in law is really picky so maybe she’ll get an assortment of gift cards and I’ll get quadruple points!

  28. Julie says

    Im alittle confused as to how this works. If you buy a gift card do you 4 x the fuel points on that one transaction?? I will buy one. Just didn’t know how it worked exactly. Do I have to buy one each week to up my fuel points?

  29. Patricia says

    I will buy 3 Best Buy giftcards and probably several others. I follow your site on Google Reader! :)

  30. Amie E says

    I will probably not grab any. :( Christmas is very, very tight this year. Every purchase we make is only necessity. No more starbucks for us. Only coffee that i can use two coupons for. :) Thats ok, i still love IHEARTKROGER!!!

  31. Katrina Perry says

    I’ll most definitely be purchasing several gift cards from Kroger for those fuel points, quite possibly 16 or more. Gift cards make wonderful stocking stuffers for tweens and teens!!

  32. Lissette says

    My sis in law loves starbucks so I would her a gift card…I love Kroger it my birthday month would love to win….And I heart your website and fb page its always up to date and very helpful…

  33. Jessica says

    I always buy a few gift cards for gifts. It’s a great way to ensure a friend/family member gets what they want, especially if several people coordinate and get them gift cards for the same store.

  34. Stephanie says

    Sign my up for that giveaway, please. I just followed started following you on Facebook. This really gives me incentive to buy my gift cards at Kroger. I rolled into the gas pump on empty this month and ended up saving $9 on a tank of gas. Good deal!

  35. angie says

    I’ll probably purchase only one or two Lowe’s gift cards . I planned on getting more but my hot water heater went out a couple days ago and after spending a thousand bucks on a new one, that cut my Christmas shopping VERY short… Sigh.

    I follow on Facebook and I used to get emails but I dont know why I no longer get them ?

    Thanks for this great give-away.

  36. Cathy says

    Well, since I was already planning on purchasing many giftcards for Christmas anyway, this will help me out! I buy giftcards for my family, friends,employees and coworkers, so probably at least 20 different cards!

  37. Linda H says

    Wow, what a deal! Gift cards are always welcome and this year I was planning on getting several (Lowe’s, Chili’s, Old Navy, and Kroger’s) and with Kroger’s great promotion, I’ll buy them at Kroger’s.

  38. Kristin says

    Probably about 10! They are the only store that carries the $25.00 near me and I have family members that love that one. I also like the restraunt choices and give lots of those.

  39. Felicia Thomas says

    I plan on picking up gift cards for my favorite restaurants. I love when they do those quadruple points.

  40. Christie C. says

    I will buy 3-4 gift cards for gifts, but I also buy them to use myself just to get the fuel rewards!

  41. Sherry says

    Perfect timing since I always buy several gift cards as gifts and stocking stuffers this time of year!

  42. kristi says

    I usually buy about 5 gift cards during the christmas season to those hard to buy family members and for gift baskets.

  43. emily sanchez says

    I will now get all of my christmas giftcards from Kroger. I didnt know about this promotion until now! excited to see my fuel points go up!

  44. Mary says

    I plan on buying several i-tunes giftcards … at least 5 for each of the kids and my hubby … and a Chili’s giftcard for myself, I love their Chicken Crispers with Chipotle Honey.

  45. Jodi B says

    i will be buy 1 gift card. i get my most of my gift cards for free by getting rewards off swagbucks or my bank card.

  46. Linda says

    I will probably get a couple–my husband has a construction business, and the Lowes cards would be great.

  47. robin says

    I will buy (5) $100 Visa cards. I can pay all my bills online with them, get gas, and my rx’s. Then I will save $1.00 a gallon on 2 fill ups. At least that is one months worth of gas.
    I will save $40 anytime I can!!

  48. Linda E says

    Starbucks for hubby, ITunes for teenage daughter, Old Navy for the 12 year old and fuel points for me! Win-win situation! Thanks Kroger!

  49. Tiff K. says

    I’ll probably purchase a couple gift cards to the places I know I’ll be shopping at. Too bad they don’t offer Publix gift cards so I can get the deals you post on!!

  50. Kara says

    I’ll be purchasing at least 10 gift card during this promotion. I get to buy the gifts for my office, so I can reap the benefits of my companies money :)

  51. Deanna says

    I will probably buy 2-4 cards depending. I might just buy some for myself and not gifts to get the fuel rewards.

  52. TJ says

    I usually buy the gas gift cards for the fuel perks, I hope they are included this time, if not, I still won’t have a problem getting some of the ones listed.

  53. Heather says

    I’ll be grabbing a couple Best Buy gift cards as I’m saving up for a new laptop, as well as a couple Lowe’s/Home Depot/Whatever hardware store gift card is available for the hard-to-shop-for guys in my family :)

  54. Loretta says

    I will be purchasing 3 or 4 gift cards from Kroger. My Kroger has a MIR for $10 rebate when you purchase $50 in gift cards. It’s on the beer isle.

  55. Amy Baggott says

    hmmm…I’m not sure how many gift cards I will buy at Kroger. We generally do give a couple of gift cards for gifts and now seems to be a good time to buy them, so maybe 2?

  56. Laura says

    I really have to think about how many giftcards I will be buying! My husband works at Lowe’s so I know I will at least be buying one of those!

  57. Ken says

    Gift cards come in great for teenagers. Also, I have a brother who is getting married next month. And last year we gave my child’s teacher a gift card for Christmas. So I should be purchasing at least 5!

  58. Stepheny says

    I love to purchase gift cards for Black Friday. It is a great way to get extra savings on my hard earned money. I will also purchase a few for gifts. Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  59. Lisa Kiddy says

    I will be purchasing as many gift cards as my checkbook will allow!!! Mostly Old Navy and I-Tunes………….

  60. wendy merritt says

    i will buy atleast 2 gift cards. i get email updates. thanks so much for the giveaway, i missed the coke reward to get the kroger gift card.

  61. Stephanie says

    I know three for sure that I will purchase. I might even buy myself one just for the fuel points. Why Not?

  62. Paolina says

    Oh man I just bought a $200 girft card for home depot this past week. :( Oh well probably buy some target giftcards and see what else is up. I know my dad wants ebay cards.

  63. mai says

    Im email update follower.

    I will be buying itune, best buy, some restaurant gift card as christmas gift to my family.

  64. Angela says

    I already plan on shopping Target, Toys R Us, Kohl’s and JC Penney. I figure I am buying at least 4.

  65. Katie says

    I purchased 8 amazon gift cards with $ I got for my birthday. Which in turn helped me save an extra .80/gal of gas. Woo Hoo!

  66. Deb says

    First go around this week will be $250.00 worth….of at least McDonalds, Subway, Menards, Home Depot etc….for my sons stockings…they are older!

  67. Melissa Brown says

    I am getting four gift cards. 2 for kroger, 2 for starbucks. may be getting more but for now i know those 4 for sure

  68. Ali says

    Love your site.. helps me so much with my Kroger shopping, which is my “Main” store. If I win I will probably use it to shop for my Christmas Dinner items. I am planning on buying at least 4 gift cards this year.

  69. Cristina P says

    thanks to you and your sites, I have been saving a lot of money.
    Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  70. Melissa says

    I will be buying two or three gifts card for christmas and saving on my gas in the process….Yay…

  71. Katie B says

    I am planning to buy at least two. Maybe more, never know when you might need a last minute gift. Woo Hoo, Fuel points!

  72. Sheryl Trammell says

    I love (and wait) for this 4X gas points deal!! I will buy cards from JCPenney, Subway, McDonalds, and Shell Gas (for when I don’t have points to use or when I want to help others out). This is an awesome deal; I usually hit my husband up for some money that he would be spending at Lowes and get him some gift cards too…. there is always something he needs from there.

  73. Stacy Cobb says

    I’ll probably buy at least 3 gift cards. Maybe some for myself just to get more fuel points!

  74. Os says

    I think I will try all gift cards this year, In and out in a few minutes and I will earn fuel perks as well.

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