Free Coupon Friday – Choose Your Own Coupons

Okie dokie guys I am going to be honest...I am totally unprepared for free coupon Friday today!

Between playgroups and two holiday parties this week, I have barely been able to get the boys in bed on time every night. So, something had to give - looks like it was this 😀

So, I thought maybe you guys could just tell me what you would like to have for your free coupon Friday! I will randomly choose one person to get their choice of coupons.

Now...for this to work you have to tell me specific coupons that I can actually get my hands on. I have to be able to order the coupons and get them to you. You can check the coupon database, clipping sites or even ebay.

Leave a comment with your coupon wish list. I will choose a winner tonight at 11:59pm.


  1. CatBlue says

    Haribo gummy bears coupons – the neighbor kids help me by carrying in my groceries, and that is their favorite reward.

  2. Anne S says

    Crave cat treats, $2 off Pepsi, Life or Trix cereal coupons….any of the above would work for us :)

  3. Jamie says

    Woo-hoooo! Would LOVE some more coupons for Tombstone, Grands scrambles biscuits, or you can just surprise me!

  4. says

    New here…great offer!
    I would love some smart balance milk, freshlike frozen veggies,zone perfect .55/any,spaghettios .40/2…sorry, I’m getting carried away.

  5. Rose says

    carefree pantiliner coupons and angel soft or Charmin toilet paper coupons! Thanks so much for the offer!! Happy Holidays!!

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