Free Coupon Friday: $100 Kroger Giftcard!

Instead of coupons, I thought I'd offer up a holiday gift to all you guys who hang out here with me each day.

I am giving one reader a $100 Kroger gift card so you'll have some extra money to spend on your holiday dinner or maybe just stretch your budget a bit farther.

If you would like to win the giftcard,  just leave a comment on this post!  This giveaway will be open until 11:59 tonight, 12/16. Good luck guys!




  1. Heidi Freeman says

    We have $7 to last until 12/31, so this would be awesome! Especially because today is my daughter (Jazlyn) 1st birthday!!! Hope she gives me luck!

  2. Bonnie Lacroix says

    This is completely amazing and I know a lot of people could really benefit from this. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win it:) Merry Christmas to you and yours and a Happy New Year!

  3. Brandy says

    Wahoo! I would LOVE to win this gift card!! What a great giveaway! Good luck everyone!! Merry Christmas!!!

  4. Christine Crawford says

    I love this. It has helped getting my family on board with coupons. I could use the $100 for my family – .

    love it!

  5. Heather Key says

    I would love to have this gift card, thanks for offering such an awesome prize. Merry Christmas!!

  6. Karen says

    This gift card would be a blessing. I have a friend who’s husband has been in hospital for 6 weeks and just had his third surgery. She could really use some stuff from Kroger.

  7. Paula says

    Niiiiice!! Who couldn’t use the extra $$ this holiday season?? That would free up some cash for my sons’ Christmas wish list. LOVE IT!!!

  8. Stacey says

    Thank you for doing what you do. I have learned so much from following your website! Merry Christmas! Ps. A Kroger Gift card would definately help during the holidays.

  9. Katie Cravey says

    This would defn come in handly to help out with groceries for our family and our church is buying groceries for a little girls family who told santa all she wanted for christmas was groceries!

  10. Susan says

    This would help out so much for our Christmas dinner and then some thank you so much for the offer!

  11. Theresa W. says

    This is great and the perfect time for all the family coming in town, Thnaks for the great giveaway!

  12. Stacy says

    Wow, what an awesome giveaway! The holidays have been so hard this year. I would love to win this gift card to help make things stretch a bit further.


  13. Patricia Horton Kartsaklis says

    Thanks so much for all you do, you make my Kroger shopping so much easier, this week I saved 78.00 with my card, 63.00 with coupons awesome week

  14. Brittany Duffy says

    I love your website!! I would love to win :) Kroger is the only place where I do all my shopping!!! Kroger is awesome, I spend so much $$ there, I love that they send customized coupons and the $5 off $50 or more coupons are lovely too!

  15. Cindy says

    This would be an absolute blessing. I need to buy Christmas dinner for 11. Thank you and have a Merry Christmas.

  16. Jessica hall says

    Awesome could always use that! And since stocking stuffer are going to be canned soups this year would help use actually get name brand without having to coupon….what a luxury!

  17. Alina says

    God bless you for your generosity! Also, thank you for all the hard work you put in everyday posting awesome deals. I have learned a lot from following you on FB. Merry Christmas!

  18. Jennifer says

    Happy Holidays!!! Thank you for the hard work you put into your sites….it truly helps more than you know.

  19. kamaren says

    WOW what a generous give away, whoever wins will have a LOT less stress as Christmas approaches!!

  20. Mary Stuckey says

    Just got a full time permanent job. Still struggling after 2 yrs without. This would go a long way toward a happier Christmas!

  21. Stacey Weems says

    would love to win this gift card. just had surgery and it would come in handy! Thanks for the opportunity

  22. Dianna says

    This is extremely generous of you! The gift card would help feed a couple of families, of course using coupons as well!! Thank you and MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family.

  23. Cheryl Barnett Saves says

    I would love this gift card. It would really help put a great Christmas meal in the house.

  24. Vicki says

    Thanks for the offer! I make a pledge right now to return some of this to our local Community Services Center! Happy Holidays!

  25. tracy queen-herring says

    Merry Christmas! This gift card would help out a ton since the kids will be out of school for the holidays and there will be SIX of them home instead of only two!

  26. Eric says

    Thanks for all you do Michelle! I am truly grateful for all of your help this year. Merry Christmas!

  27. Trish says

    This would be a blessing to my family since my husband had spinal surgery things have been tight..Thanks for the chance.

  28. Michelle says

    What a great givaway! This would be such a blessing to our family. We could really use it. Good luck everyone. Merry Christmas = )

  29. carrie says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win. We are in need this year. We have 4 kids at home, 3 teenage boys and a 9 yr old girl. My husband lost his business this year but was able to find work after a few months. We haven’t caught back up yet. It has help us remember the true meaning of Christmas. Happy Holidays everyone. Again thanks for the opportunity.

  30. Cindy says

    I love your site and the time you take to put it together….saves me lots of both time and $$$ when I am menu planning. Now. another opportunity for saving – GOTTA LOVE IT!! Thanks, and have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas!!

  31. Jodi B says

    this would help me out soo much! my mom always gave me some money to go towards a holiday meal because it can cost so much. she did it because her grandma would give her some money. i hope that one day i can give my kids or grandkids some extra money for the same reasons!! it means so much.

  32. missy monzo says

    I would love to win the gift card. This would help out on the food expenses….. Thanks for all of your hard work helping us save money!!!! SMOOCHES…..

  33. Kathy says

    Michelle, thanks for all you do to keep us Krogering! I hope I win the gift card. Thanks for the contest!

  34. carey r says

    WOW! What a great giveaway…….Thanks so much……I think every one of us could use some extra money to help with christmas dinner……

  35. says

    Thank you so much for the chance to win a gift card. I love your site and check it several times during the day to make sure i dont miss any of the great deals you tell us all about! You are very much appreciated! Merry Christmas!!!

  36. mike marte says

    I would love to win this for my wife…..with your help she has been doing great saving the family money in groceries!!!!! THANKS

  37. Brenda says

    I would love to win a gift card. Money is so tight I’m waiting on my ssi to go though. I’ve been off work for 2 years. Had surgery for a broken neck. I have started using coupons and I save so much at Krogers. would love to have $100.oo to shop with. Thank you giving me chance to win. Merry Christmas and God Bless you.

  38. amanda says

    This would be super,for the holidays. Everyone of us on here could use it gotta be open hearted during Christmas no reason to be selfish…. Merry Christmas everyone

  39. bonnie w says

    Wow – this would be awesome to win! I hosted Thanksgiving dinner and also hosting Christmas dinner so this would really help. Merry Christmas!

  40. Shannon Cape says

    Thank you so much for the chance and with all the great deals you post, think of how far we could stretch that $100.

  41. Roxanne Chew says

    This would come in handy for me. My daughters family is having a hard time. If I had the money to help them I would but at this point I dont know what she is going to do. This gift card would really come in handy for her and her babies!

  42. Koree Fugate says

    I would love to win. This would bless me as I start 16 hrs of grad schOol and will only be able to earn a little each week.

  43. Ashley says

    great giveaway! With 2 soon to be 3 little ones and babysitting 12 hours a day out of my home there is always a hungry one around here sure we could put this to great use.. and it could buy lots of fruit chews!! =) Thanks for the chance! Merry Christmas to everyone!

  44. jem says

    What a delightful Christmas this gift card will make. Even if I don’t win, I think this is a wonderful thing you are doing Michelle.

  45. Stephanie Birman says

    I would be honored to accepted such a heartwarming gift. Our family can greatly use this during this hard holiday season. Thank you!!

  46. claire cook says

    Awesome!!!! How sweet of you to do that! EVeryone I know could always use a little help during holidays, especially w/ cooking! It’s my first year to cook Christmas dinner for the family, soooo…it would be awesome to have! Thanks for all of your great posts re: savings!

  47. Marilyn says

    How kind and generous of you to make this special offering on your giveaway and for making saving so much easier for us. This is a special site that I enjoy and check several times a day. Merry Christmas to you and yours and God Bless!

  48. April says

    This would really help for Christmas dinner, we want to do a low boil for 7 people. This would really help

  49. says

    I <3 Kroger. My favorite part of grocery shopping at Kroger is standing in the check out line and watching the screen as my total dwindles away because of my Kroger card!! I always make eye contact with my cashier, we share a smile because I know she knows I'm happy!!!

  50. Karen says

    Thank you so much for all the work you do to keep your website current with Kroger deals. We so appreciate it!

  51. Caryn says

    I knew there was a reason so many follow your blog……such a generous gift during this Holiday season. Thanks for all you do!

  52. danielle says

    crossing my every finger, my every toe, even my legs. our family could really, really use this. thank you for the chance :)

  53. Lisa Kiddy says

    I love “I Heart Kroger”…..Thanks for all your hard work!!!
    Winning this giftcard would sure helpout! Thanks again

  54. Amy says

    Thank you for doing this giveaway and all that you do! It would be such a blessing to win. :) Merry Christmas!

  55. Deana C says

    What an awesome giveaway! thank you so much for the opportunity & for all your great posts! Every day I find a new deal on your site that saves me money…you rock!

  56. CatBlue says

    OMIGOSH! That would get canned turkey Friskies for the kitties for their Christmas feast, cans for the local food bank, AND enough left to provide extras for my brother’s family holiday dinner, especially combined with the great deals and coupons from this site and Kroger.

  57. Shawn Marie Whaley says

    I would love to have this $100.00 kroger gift card. This year my parents are having a hard time with the hoildays trying to get things for my little brother and sister for Christmas. I actually purchased a $25 gift card from and used it to buy them groceries this past week. This $100.00 gift card would really help them out.

  58. Roxanne Christensen says

    I would LOVE to win this. I will be keeping all my finger and toes crossed. I really could use the help.



  59. Andrea Sutton says

    This would be a really big blessing for me, my husband and our two young children right now. My husband was layed off a day before Thanksgiving and yesterday I woke up to a knock at the door from the police department telling me that someone crashed into my car that I had parked in the street and it isn’t able to be repaired.:( It would really be refreshing to have something positive happen for a change… but I’m just thankful that no one was injured. Thanks for the chance and good luck to everyone!! Merry Christmas!!

  60. Kay says

    Wow, this would be fantastic to have as i just got laid off my job after almost 5 yrs. Thanks for the offer.

  61. Janet Decker says

    This would be such a blessing! Thank you for the opportunity to enter! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

  62. Andrea Brown says

    Wow this would be so amazing to win. Would help feed my boys while out for break and get the things we need to finish Christmas meal.

  63. TRACIA says

    I love shopping at krogers and some extra cash wouldnt hurt either…thanks for all that you do!!!!!!

  64. Shirley Dickinson says

    Would love to win. This is were I do my shopping. Wonder how long I could make it last.

  65. megan says

    Oh my goodness…..I could make a $100.00 giftcard go a long way with all the coupons that I have been collecting. Thanks for the giveway, love your site! :)

  66. Brittney Green says

    New to site, absolutely love. With 2 kids its hard to find all the good deals, you site is a lifesaver!

  67. Paula B says

    I would love to win this. I check your site several times every day. Thsnks for all that you do!

  68. Requel says

    Stocked up on the Digorno. Had to go to 2 stores, but got pizza and breadsticks combo for 3.77/coupons

  69. Jenni says

    First & foremost…a THANK YOU for this great site, which I use everyday for my couponing needs. Second…what a Blessing this would be for my family to WIN, you don’t know how much this would help. Happy Holidays To You & Yours!!

  70. Teresa says

    WOW! How nice! I appreciate the hard work you put into this website. Thanks for this great offer, too. Merry Christmas.

  71. Anne S says

    This would truly help with our grocery budget in January…especially after Christmas! Thanks for the awesome giveaway and all the work you do for us each week!

  72. Bridgett says

    This would be great! Thanks for the opportunity to win and thanks for posting all the Kroger deals. It helps so much and is greatly appreciated!

  73. Crystal Bradley says

    I would be able to do a lot with a $100.00 gift card to Kroger! Thanks for the opportunity! I enjoy the match ups and coupons and deals that are posted, always up to date! Thanks so much!

  74. kathy stewart says

    sure would help out to win i work hard to suppose a family of 4 by myself and this site is amazing savings too me way to go love ya thanks to much couldnt do it with out you

  75. Daedra Marshall says

    I would be absolutely over the moon! Some days (weeks! months!) it seems like such a struggle to keep up with everything! Thank you so much for all of the information you maintain here, and on your other sites, that makes it so much easier for the rest of us!!

  76. iris says

    My computer was acting funny and my previous post did not post so I am retyping this for a comment. Thank you.

  77. cam says

    I am getting ready to eat but decided to look on the site and to my suprise i found this contest and I hope that I am the one chosen to win the giftcard.

  78. vanessa says

    This gift card would help me so much! Thanks for all the deals..I read your site each and every day! :)

  79. Tara A says

    I live in a small town where Kroger is the main grocery so this will really come in handy, especially now with the holidays.

  80. april says

    This would surely help feed my family who will be coming in from out-of-state…and a few goodies for the foodbank, too! Merry Christmas!

  81. Rachel Lowrance says

    This would help so much! Grocery budget is pretty tight this month. Thanks for the opp. to win !

  82. andrea malcom says

    Thank you for all you do and all the time you put into your websites, you are greatly appreciated. Have a blessed Christmas!

  83. Charity; says

    Thank you so much for the giveaway! This will help me get a special meal for my grandparents. This is my grandpas last christmas because he only has 6 more months to live.(terminal cancer) I wanted to really make it special this year for them. They are in their late 80s. Thank you

  84. Tracy H. says

    I could really use this! My hubby has been out of work for 2 years and Christmas has been a real struggle every year since :(

  85. says

    Got the posting the day after the deadline. Hope this makes it to you for the kroger card. That’s a very nice gift. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Happy Holidays!

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