Kroger Coupons & Booklets – Did You Get Any Coupons?

I got a couple of Kroger mailers over the last few days. Be on the lookout when you check your mail.

The Best Customer coupons are being mailed out. Remember these are personalized to your shopping habits. I got FREE eggs...not sure why that is always my freebie - but I'll happily use it.

I also got a My Magazine booklet titled "Black History Month" it contains the following coupons that expire 4/15/12:

  • $1/2 Tyson Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts or Tenders
  • $1.50/1 Kroger Fully Cooked Ribs 24 oz (store coupon)
  • $0.50/1 Aunt Jemima Frozen Pancakes, Waffles or French Toast
  • $0.75/1 Kroger Healthy Meals Made Simple 15 oz (store coupon)
  • $0.50/1 Fran's RedHot
  • $0.40/1 Kroger The Truly Awesome Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies 7.2 oz (store coupon)
  • $0.75/4 Kroger The Truly Awesome Macaroni & Cheese Dinner (store coupon)
  • $1/1 Colgate Optic White Toothpaste 4 oz+
  • $1/1 Optimum Care Salon Connection Relaxer

Now, I know some will ask how to get on the mailing list for these coupons and booklets and I am not sure there is a clear cut answer.

I was told that coupons are sent based on your shopping habits - the more you shop, the more coupons you get. I am not sure I believe that one. My husband almost NEVER shops yet all the coupons and booklets come to him (the ones above were mailed to him not to me)! I do 99.9% of the shopping and very rarely get coupons.

I personally think that they send out coupons to new signups. My husband had to grab a new Kroger Plus card a few months ago as he just happened to be shopping without me one day. Since then he has got a ton of coupons and booklets. Meanwhile I have received maybe one!

I will be able to tell you for sure very soon as I am about to get a new card. It seems someone else is also tied to my card. I have noticed that sometimes my eCoupons do not come off. I get home and look online to find that the coupon was redeemed??!!  I spoke to someone in customer service who went through my history and said that I had redeemed one of the $3 promo coupons on a specific just so happened that I was out of state and no where near a Kroger on that day! There is no way on earth that I redeemed that coupon. They tried to say that it had to be me or someone in my family but we were all they suggested I get another card. Of course I always forget to grab one when I shop. Maybe writing this up will be the reminder I need :-).

Hopefully you guys also find some coupons in your mailbox. If anyone has the scoop (or an opinion) on how to get coupons- share it in the comments!



  1. maryg says

    I too received a stack of good free item coupons: eggs, baby carrots, poptarts, crest toothpaste and a whole bunch of money off coupons! Happy day!

  2. Kristin says

    I also always get free eggs – but I have had my kroger card for almost 10 years so I don’t think it is based on new sign-ups. I only do about 30% of my grocery purchases from Kroger so that may be why I don’t get other free stuff. Some of my friends have gotten free pies from the bakery, free produce items, free health and beauty items. But not me. Oh well – I am not going to complain because I can always use eggs.

  3. says

    To offer a possible reason for the problem… My husband had a Kroger Plus account a couple of years ago, before I started couponing. He always typed in his cell phone number instead of handing over the card… something about men and carrying as little stuff as possible. Well, I finally realized we NEVER got any coupons in the mail, and I called their customer service. It turns out that SOMEONE had registered with the same phone number, before my husband got the number 8 years prior. So for 2 years of us shopping at Kroger, we were GIVING our points and coupons to SOMEONE ELSE!!! We changed the phone number on the account to MY cell and they credited SOME of the points, but they couldn’t credit all of them and the coupons were a complete loss. Since then, we will be SURE to use the card instead of the alt-ID, unless we are positive that alt-ID is definitely connected to OUR account!!

    • Erin says

      Yup. I was just going to suggest this. Over the past fifteen years, we moved a bunch of times. When we don’t have a store card with us, I draw a blank trying to figure out where we lived when we got the card and which phone number was associated with it. Now we have Keyring on our iPhones, with every card I’ve ever applied for on it, but I guess this is a good reason to keep those cards up to date!

      I always get bagged lettuce and some other random item free. Once it was Lay’s chips, and we literally purchased one bag of Lays there. (I know this because we don’t eat Lays; my husband just randomly picked them up one day)

      • Erin says

        Oh, and I think if you are not getting the free coupon packs, just call and ask customer service to put you on “the list.” I do shop at Kroger a lot thanks to the dearth of doubling stores, and I automatically get the coupons. However, I read about requesting to get put on the list, and I suggested this to a friend who doesn’t shop there a lot, and bingo! She started getting some freebies.

        • Cheryl Barnett Saves says

          Okay this may help. Make sure you are on their mailing list. Sign into your account at fill out your profile info in your account also add your preferred store. on email check all you wish and make sure your address is up to date.

          I did this a few months ago and have been getting pet books, party books and coupon booklets. lots of savings

  4. Amber says

    I haven’t received the Black History month booklet yet but I did get my customer coupons: the FREEBIES Colgate, crystal light, 24ct Kroger water, Kroger butter, and Kroger frozen vegetables! I’ve had my loyalty card for years, so I don’t think its just for newer sign ups, but who knows I’m just glad I get them :)

  5. peggy says

    I have never gotten anything ever from Kroger… I have to admit I do most of my shopping at Publix… but I have shopped at Kroger a little more over the holidays and the last couple of sales! I was thrilled to receive coupons in the mail… 4 free product coupons for Sargento Cheese, Kroger Sausage, Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh, and Colgate tooth paste… I also got 8 additional money off coupons! I thought about redeeming some at Publix, since my Publix accepts Kroger as a competitor and will allow stacking, but I would like to continue to receive them from Kroger so I am going to try to redeem them at Kroger.

  6. says

    I had a similar situation happen to me. I noticed that odd e-coupons were ADDED to my card, when I had stopped using cellfire altogether and then I started noticing that my gas discount was being used. I called them and they said that someone else had signed up with my cellphone number so Kroger decided to link the accounts. I find that hard to believe considering I had the same cell phone number for the last DECADE.

    Anyway I had to get a new card & instead of putting one of our personal numbers I used my husband’s office fax number. Now I’d like to see someone claim that number!

  7. jillian says

    I got four free coupons: old spice deodorant, yoplait kids yogurt, yoplait yogurt, and nature valley granolas. Also, about 10 other money off coupons that are manufacturer coupons. I shop at kroger once a week only spending about $3o or so each trip. Maybe it is based on frequency. I was very surprised and excited!

  8. Jeremy says

    I received coupons this week also and was pretty excited to see free on several of them. I’ve already used the free Kroger cereal and free Pop Tarts and have a free Duncan Hines Cake mix left so I guess that shows you our shopping habits.

  9. Cheyl says

    My husband and I get all the booklets like the Black History one, and in
    the personalized one we always just get one “free” coupon- almost always it is for a bag of Lay’s chips, but this time it was for butter. Sometimes the money off coupons are high value, sometimes not. We get those about once per month. I like that I can use them at Publix too when they match up with BOGOs there. We have had our Kroger card for about 3 years – before I started couponing we usually spent $100 there per week. Now we only spend about $20-30 there per week (with another $20-30 at Publix and $10-20 at a farmer’s market), but we still get the same amount and same general value of coupons from Kroger as we did when we spent alot more there.

  10. jennifer says

    Have not gotten the black history one, but did get free eggs, free cheerios, free ice cream, free toothpaste, and a mix of store/manuf. coupons.

  11. Riese says

    I have gotten the mailers and coupons too in the past. I have had my card for at least 6 years and have not gotten any new ones lately. I haven’t gotten any freebie coupons lately, but hope they come soon. Used to get free Nature Valley granola bar coupon as my freebie. I also have the Kroger credit card (which is also my kroger plus card). Someone told me this may be why I get some of the coupons, but not sure.

  12. Anne says

    I get that personalized set of coupons every few months, so it’s not just for new sign-ups. I haven’t received the Black History one though.

  13. Jen says

    I was thrilled to get my pack with 4 free item coupons (+various others). Since I live in an apartment complex, I thought it might be worth a look in the trash can by the mail center. Pay dirt. So many people had thrown their coupon packets away so I happily adopted them and have tons of great coupons.

  14. Melony says

    I received my free coupons for the first time ever. I have been shopping at Kroger for about a year now, however recently I have misplaced my card and couldn’t remember the number I attached to it so I have used my Mom’s phone number. Not sure why I all of the sudden I got free coupons when I haven’t used my own card in several months now. I got free eggs, free kraft cheese slices, free nature valley bars and free fiber one bars.

  15. Rachel says

    I have been shopping there about once a week for probably about 5 months and have never received free coupons! When i emailed customer service they said it was for frequent shoppers and that i don’t shop enough!!!

    • Sheryll says

      I had someone steal all my fuel points (600 of them) over the holidays. I wasn’t even in town then. I got another card and used a phone number no one could ever guess. After getting the new card, I called Kroger and they moved all from the old one and generously gave me all 600 points back. They were very nice.

  16. naomi says

    I do get coupon books too.They have not sent me any free items lately.I’ve noticed my coupons are not coming off too.It is a pain using those ecoupons and finding out they did not come off.Well it took about 2 wks for them to refund my money to my card.They need to change on how they manage ecoupons.

  17. Heather B. says

    I get the Kroger coupon pack about ever 3 months it seems. My coupons make sense to me and break down like this…
    We always get:
    Between 1-3 free coupons for the items we buy the most.
    A few $ money off for other items we buy the large amounts of.
    A few kroger brand coupons for the kroger version of items we buy a lot.
    1-3 seasonal coupons.

  18. Jennifer says

    I work at Kroger, and so I shop there pretty frequently. I used to get a free bag of potato chip coupon or frozen Kroger veggies, but haven’t gotten a freebie in months now. Boooo! I cashiered a shift today and folks had tons of coupons for free items. Not sure why I don’t get free ones anymore. Guess they don’t love me.

    The gas points issue is a big one, between people using relative’s/friend’s phone numbers to take their points or accounts getting combined. I highly recommend not letting people know what phone number you have signed up with (we get a LOT of people coming in complaining that their kids used their phone number and stole their fuel discount or something along those lines) or even using a number that people wouldn’t have much reason to suspect was associated with a fuel card (the suggestion of a work fax number is pretty good). You can also choose to not have a number associated with your account, so that the card must be scanned to get the discount. This means you have to be sure to have your card with you whenever you go to the store and also any time you go to fill up, though.
    There is a phone number on the back of the Kroger cards that will let you talk to customer service about fuel point issues and make sure that they have your mailing address correct as well. We can’t do anything for you at the customer service desk as far as fuel points goes– we can’t see what points have been redeemed or earned or change your balance. We can, however, change the phone number/address on file for you, provided you have ID that matches the name on the Kroger card account you use.

    • S says

      Last year I found that somebody used my gas points. To my surprise, when I called, the card I use was linked to about 4-6 other cards even though I had an updated address and was using my own cell phone number.

      After asking a few questions, I realized that Kroger had linked my card to all the old roommates my husband and I had ever had during college and grad school. The customer service rep claimed to have unlinked the card, but afterwards I stopped receiving coupons completely. (I had never received coupons on my own account, but my husband had been receiving coupons.)

      I suggest that Kroger needs to reexamine its practices regarding the mailers and fuel points….they’re linking accounts based on addresses that are five to six years old. Meanwhile, we’ve gotten married and have had kids.

  19. grace says

    Just read this post, went to the mailbox and I had coupons from Kroger, YAY! Mine were 5 off $35, and several $1 off $5 produce,$1 off $5 meat, $1 off $5 Deli and $1 off $5 household cleaning supplies. Yay!! I am so excited!

  20. Christine says

    I have been a every week shopper for the past two years $50-$100 Grogery shopping, I also buy everything else there diapers/wipes, tp laundry soap, etc. I use paper coupons and ecoupons (app) I called twice about the paper coupons trying to get on “the list”, after checking our address/phone number she told me that I don’t buy enough of the select items in the store that they pick different ones once a month. If u don’t qualify for 3 months in a row u don’t get the coupons. So talking with a friend today she said she emailed Kroger and they told her that if u use ecoupon app they don’t send paper coupons in the mail…. HUH!? Are they making this up as they go… the first time I called they couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting them? So what is it? Dissapointed. I want all the goodies everyone else is getting… what’s the trick? :)

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