Kroger Brand Vitamin BOGO

Kroger Brand Vitamin

If you need any vitamins, you can get a decent price right now at Kroger. Most of the Kroger Brand vitamin bottles are BOGO right now, so you can get each bottle for at least half price.

There are no matching coupons for these vitamins but half price isn't bad if you need to stock up. Here are some of the prices you may may help if you need to plan your shopping trip!

Kids Health Gummy Vitamins, BOGO $19.99

Kids Health Chewable Vitamins, BOGO $12.99

Heart Support Flaxseed Oil, BOGO $8.49

B-100 Complex, BOGO $16.99

Prenatal Gummy Vitamins, BOGO $24.99

Prenatal Vitamins, BOGO $18.99

Men's One Daily Vitamins, BOGO $10.99

Complete Cardio Health Formula, BOGO $7.99

Women's Complete Vitamins, BOGO $14.99

Complete Senior Vitamins, BOGO $15.99

Essence C Vitamins, BOGO $8.99

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