Kool Aid Catalinas & Deal Reminder

kool adi catalinaI know we talked about the Kool Aid Catalina and deal before the sale even started this week, but I thought I would remind you guys and let you know about another one. Yep...two different Kool Aid Catalinas right now at Kroger.

Kool-Aid Drink Mix Canisters
Effective 9/15 – 10/14
Buy 2 and get a $1 on your next order Catalina
Buy 3 and get a $2 on your next order Catalina
Buy 4+ and get a $3 on your next order Catalina

Remember these are 10/$10 this week, so even if you don't have one of the coupons listed below you will still get a fantastic deal. When you buy four canisters, you pay $4 and get back a $3 Catalina!

Use of these coupons for an even better deal:

  • $1/2 Powdered Beverage – Crystal Light, Kool Aid, Country Time, Tang

Now, if you prefer to sweeten your Kool Aid yourself - there is also a Catalina for the unsweetened packets!

Kool Aid Drink Mix Envelopes Catalina
Effective through 10/14
Buy 15-20 envelopes and get a $1 on your next order Catalina
Buy 21 + envelopes and get a $2 on your next order Catalina

Last time I checked the envelopes were 20¢ and here are the coupons available:

  • B10G2 Kool-Aid Unsweetened Envelopes Tearpad
  • B2G1 Summer Punch Tearpad


  1. Jill P says

    I have been to two different Krogers in Tennessee and neither store has these 10/$10. Is anyone in the Nashville area getting these?

  2. Jessica r says

    I bought 4, got the 3.00 cat and applied it and my 1.25/1 scott tissue to the 16 roll packs that are on sale for 5.99 & got all items for 5.74 before tax! Thats less than the sale price on the t.p.!

  3. pamela says

    I just saw on coupon network that there is a catalina out right now for koolaid and i am wondering is the catalina you are referring to above a kroger only catalina or is it a manufacturer catalina cause if it is a kroger only type then being the new catalina on coupon network would both print out? The catalina on coupon networks says – buy 2 or more koolaid canisters get $3 back and the other says buy 15 or more envelopes get $2 back

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