Suave Coupons – Print For Free Shampoo & 6¢ Deodorant At Kroger

suave couponsuave coupons
You guys might want to hurry to print these new Suave coupons! I bet they will go quickly like the others that were available this weekend!

Remember, the hair care is 99¢ and the deodorant is $1.06 at Kroger. So if your store doubles, you are looking at FREE hair care and super cheap deodorant.

Note that these print with a Dollar General logo and say redeem at Dollar General but they are manufacturer's coupons and have no indication that you must use these there! Just a heads up in case your store is a booger 😉

I was under 77477 if the direct links don't work for you.


  1. Melissia Dillmuth says

    At my Kroger, they accept these coupons but they will not double. The computer does not double them and the checking attendant would not double them manually for me becuase they had the Dollar General logo. That was on the Country Crock butter coupon.

  2. Snoopymom says

    Had the same problem this morning with them not doubling. It took me 20 minutes to check out with 10 items, very unsatisfied with how they handled my transaction this morning. I emailed corporate about my experience.

    • bmagee says

      Mine would not double and after talking with the manager they decided that they would not take the coupons because of the Dollar General logo on them.

  3. Caitlin says

    Mine would not double either, but they still accepted them. Also talked to the manager and they would not double them because of the logo and because it didn’t automatically double them. Very frustrating.

  4. Wd says

    Has anyone had these double automatically? I really dont want to get into a big hassle at the register. Also, can you use more than 2 at a time?

  5. Wd says

    Will customer service refund your money if the register will not double them? They are MANUFACTURERS coupon despite saying “dollar general” so I dont see why they would refuse to double them?

  6. becca says

    I think one of the q’s was coded as a store coupon, and that is why it wouldn’t double… because the cashier mentioned it as such. I also used the DiGiorno cat, so I can’t be sure which q she was talking about. One of the unilever q’s scanned just fine, the other was forced through. Sorry I don’t have more info, but they do it so fast, it is hard to see what they are doing. Basically, just try the deal and hope your store will double them for you. If not, c’est la couponier vie.

  7. Wd says

    My kroger in ohio did NOT double any of the suave coupons.
    This is the first time any internet coupon did not double for me.
    So beware, it looks like most stores are not doubling them, so they are not free. Shucks!!

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