$25 in Free Groceries When You Transfer a Prescription at Kroger

Free Groceries

If you have a prescription at a pharmacy other than Kroger, you might want to look into transferring it! Right now you can get $25 worth of free groceries at Kroger when you transfer any prescription.

This deal has been running at Kroger for a while now, but I thought I'd give you guys a reminder. Kroger offers a number of generic medications at low prices (usually $4 for a 30 day supply and $10 for a 90 day supply). This can be a great way to grab some free groceries along with your inexpensive prescription.

There's no mention about a limit to the number of prescriptions you can transfer to Kroger to claim free groceries...so you might want to ask your pharmacist about limits for the deal if you have a number of prescriptions at another pharmacy!


  1. says

    I did this Friday. Its code 2005 in case anyone doesn’t know.
    I was told they are not supposed to tell you about it UNLESS you ask or have a coupon.
    Government insurances are excluded and the prescription transferred MUST have been filled at the pharmacy you are transferring from (i.e. has refills or was just called in again)

    I have Medicare and my medicine was NOT covered by Medicare at all, (I’m 25, they don’t think I need it.. ha) and told the pharmacy, since its on their 4$ list.

    I paid 8$ for both prescriptions, got a 50$ credit.

    I was told its a 300$ per card limit though!


    • Kristin says

      If you are 25 years old and have Medicare, but you are functional enough to be out coupon shopping and writing up replies on coupon websites, I would agree that you DON’T need it.

      • Shane says

        What an ignorant twit! There are 200 rare diseases that do not kill right away that are on a list for automatic approval to SSDI (I know I have one, My lungs are slowly turning hard and not functioning) but as you see I am writing a review/response to an idiot such as yourself because you have no clue what is wrong with this girl, no matter her age.

        “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt!” – Mark Twain

  2. Sue says

    I tried this today at a Krogers and was told as of April 2013 they do not give the $25 credit if you transfer a prescription that is on the $4/10
    list. It isn’t consistent. Some krogers will and some won’t

  3. donnie seaton says

    The fat little ray of sunshine at Kroger West Pharmacy in Bloomington, IN informed me, after I transferred 2 prescriptions for ages, that now they don’t give the $25 bonus to Controlled substances. This was after I placed the order, waited 2 weeks for the time to refill, then was a snarky little twit about it. Saying “Well, most people don’t transfer just to get the $25 bonus.” Bull$h!t!! That is EXACTLY why people transfer, to get the bonus and help on their grocery bills. I don’t see anywhere that this is a rule. Now I can’t get a refill until they release it, in order to transfer it anywhere, even back to the original place of filling.

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