Double Coupons Being Discontinued In Kroger Cincinnati/Dayton Division

no-double-couponsJen emailed that she found some unhappy news on my buddy Tiffany's website. It seems Kroger (NKY/Cincinnati/Dayton Division) has decided to discontinue the use of double and triple coupons. Effective March 1st, all coupons will redeemed at face value. There are 118 stores that will be affected with this change.

You guys know that I am here in the Southeast so I can't give any details or specifics on the exact location of the stores or really any more details. I did not see any details on their Facebook page or anything on their press release page.

This is a big bummer and I know you guys in the area are likely upset. I know some of you guys have been through this as this is not the first region to discontinue doubling coupons. I half expect this to continue across the other regions at some point...

If you want to vent - feel free to share in the comments.

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  1. Stephie says

    Kroger has become increasingly unfriendly and unwelcoming to couponers. I am in the Louisville region (Nashville area). For over a year, Kroger has only allowed 3 printable coupons per transaction. It is for this reason that I rejoice each time a new Publix opens!!!

    • Tina Kitty says

      I pray we get a Publix here in Memphis. Since Schnuck’s closed here Kroger has a Monopoly. Had Publix when we lived in FL and loved it.

      • Stephie says

        There are several Publix stores that have opened in the Middle TN area and they are thriving. Publix has the best customer service of any store I have ever seen and they roll out the red carpet for couponers. LOVE LOVE LOVE Publix!!! Hope the stores are headed your way soon :)

        • KB says

          I have always loved Publix. Love the bogo sales and the ability to stack with those. But Publix sadly is changing too, where I live in TN their are 2 Publix stores within 10 miles of $eachother (thank goodness) because the Store manager has change the coupon policy at the publix closest to where I live to 10 coupons per 5 deals (10 items)so meaning instead of using 20 coupons if you were stacking you could only buy 5 items and use 10 coupons. Also if the item is noy on bogo and is say 2 for $3 you can only use 5 coupons including store coupons. Like the pasta a couple of weeks ago was 2/$3 I could only use 3 $1 off store coupons and 2 $1/2 manuf. coupons so it would make it free but still a good deal. The store manager also has limited quanity you can only do one transaction per those items you are using coupons for PER DAY! I have called corporate and complained but was told that by Publix coupon policy on line a store manager has the right to limit quanities of items and coupons. So now, due to that we drive the extra 10 miles not to deal with stressful service. Shopping is no longer a pleasure at that store. We donate to many different charities a month and he has made it nearly impossible to provide for our family of 5 and other families as well.

    • Tat says

      I love Publix too but I have to drive 22 miles (to Clarksville) one way which I only do if it is a great sale and lots of coupons. If Kroger stops doubling in the Lousville (Springfield) region I will start shopping Publix full time!

      • Leah says

        LOVE the Clarksville, TN Publix! They are always SO nice about coupons. I DREAD using coupons at Kroger…the cashiers are always so grumpy about them :(

    • Randy says

      I have an idea if everybody who can will do it. Let’s boycott Kroger ! ! Might as well take advantage of Walmarts “Price Match” guarantee since Kroger will no longer be doubling coupons. If everybody will just take your Kroger ad to Walmart and shop there with your face value coupons, we’ll see how long Kroger will stick to their “new lower” prices! Not only that, also send Kroger an e-mail and let them know how frustrating this is going to be and it’s not to late for them to change their minds.

  2. Rachel says

    I just wanted to let everyone know that after reading this I called my NKY KROGER (Latonia) and was assured they will still be doubling next month and there has been no talk or emails about not doubling period for my store at least….

  3. Heather says

    My Kroger affiliate has never doubled coupons since I have been an adult and done grocery shopping of my own. In fact, I have NO stores at all that double any coupons whatsoever! Going away from this is not a devastation and quite frankly I think it is eventually inevitable pretty much everywhere. Couponing is becoming more widely common and the stores have to adjust. I still save loads of money, and even still get some groceries for free. Store coupon policies are ALWAYS changing. Embrace the changes and roll with it. I still am and will always be a loyal Kroger shopper as long as they keep rolling out great deals and sales!

  4. says

    It sucks for me being out in the country. Kroger is like the ONE store we have and I end up over there about three times a week. Sometimes more on these super awesome sales. But still. It’s only a half hour drive from the rest of the world. I don’t see how they can remain competitive in this region without doubling. We have Walgreens, cvs, meijer, Walmart, jungle Jim’s, we have target’s that have been increasing their grocery sections. The ONLY think that sets Kroger aside from the other places is the fact that they double.

    I will still shop with Kroger with the new rules. If the deal is good, ill still do it. The rules are always changing. If we want to keep getting the great deals, we have to be ready to work with the new rules whenever they happen. And it also seems that stores take their turns being the best one to use. Kroger has had a good run for a long time. I guess it’s meijer that I’ll be shopping now. It blows. I’m so pissed off. (Thanks for the space to vent.) but its going to end up being their loss, not ours.

  5. kimberly says

    I’m not surprised at all if they stop. I’ll give all of my buisness to Meijer. They double and allow more than 2 printable coupons.

  6. renate parks says

    With all due respect, those of you that have never had kroger double coupons, you don’t know what you’re missing! If you did, you wouldn’t be so indifferent! We have a walmart within a mile of our kroger, and they match prices. The only reason I don’t go there is because they don’t double coupons! We need to all let Kroger know how upset we are with this new policy, and how it will change their business! We can’t just sit by and take it! They say their lowering prices to make up for it, but I think it’s just a rouse to keep us from getting upset over the coupons. We all know that we never pay regular price, so lowering the regular price means nothing! Write to Kroger, comment on their facebook page, do whatever you have to! Kroger just opened 2 new stores in my area within the last year. I don’t think their losing money on us!

  7. Wende' says

    I live in the greater Cincinnati area and if this is true then Kroger will not get my business starting March 1st! I will only shop at Meijer. This will really impact me because Kroger is the only grocery store besides WalMart (not a fan) in my town. I will have to go to the next town (20 mins) to simply buy groceries. Too bad for Kroger!!!

  8. Teresa Gilmore says

    i’m sorry about this, if they do that here then i’ll have to go somewhere else to shop. So many people on fixed incomes count on these double coupons and if you take it away then i will go else where

  9. Amy says

    I’m in Genesee County Mi, there was talk of.this happening here. So I asked a manager at my Kroger. She said it was highly unlikely they would do it simply because when they did stop doubling 3 yrs ago within a month they brought doubling back because they lost so much in profit. I wouldn’t shop Kroger without double coupons, this week alone with sales and coupons I have saved over $500. I have spent more on some things there rather than go to another store since I was already at Kroger. Doubling is huge! My fuel points are calculated prior to coupons, 90 cents off for January but only spent roughly 400 in store. Don’t shop Kroger the first month this happens if you have another store to go to, they won’t shut.a store down not to double coupons 😉

  10. Ali says

    Wow… say it ain’t so…. I guess I will have to shop the dreaded Walmart or go to Remke/Biggs… longer drive but worth it for some doubles. Our Kroger’s prices are way to high without the double Q’s, I can’t see them lowering prices to Walmart levels either, without the double Q in my area Walmart is always less… SAD FACE :(

  11. SK says

    Well it will be Kroger’s loss. They are more pricey than other stores anyways and I shop there when they have a good sale and/or good sale/coupon combo.I guess Meijer will get more business from now on. I will be surprised if they do this at the Kroger close to my house since we have a Meijer, Target, 2 Walgreens, Drugmart, Walmart Super Center and a Dollar Market all within a 5 mile radius. They will lose a lot of business. Though I do understand why they or other stores are starting to enforce new coupon policies/rules. More and more people are starting to use coupons and I am sure there is a point where it will start affecting their bottom line. It is sad though since couponing helps most family stay within their budget. These days even good coupons are becoming scarce, with tons of fine prints and limitations being imposed on the coupons too. Oh well I guess it is what it is.

  12. SK says

    Well this is official now, it is in the local Cincinnati news too. Kroger made this announcement this morning. It will affect 118 store in the area. Sure that includes my stores Mason and West Chester, OH :-(

  13. coupongangsta says

    if they keep this up I will be strictly shopping at Publix and target and a store I never step foot into Walmart! Since they dont double I might as well just use my coupons there!!!

  14. Cindy Allen says

    I moved from the South to the West Coast and they don’t double out here either. It was a big shock to me since I was used to shopping at Publix. Now I shop at Ralph’s (a Kroger affiliate) but don’t get the great deals anymore. Anyway, I understand how disappointing it can be.

  15. grace says

    Houchens, here i come! Houchens doubles coupons and have some comparable sales, I think i will give them more of my business. They don’t have limits like Kroger too!

  16. Randy says

    I have an idea if everybody who can will do it. Let’s boycott Kroger ! ! Might as well take advantage of Walmarts “Price Match” guarantee since Kroger will no longer be doubling coupons. If everybody will just take your Kroger ad to Walmart and shop there with your face value coupons, we’ll see how long Kroger will stick to their “new lower” prices! Not only that, also send Kroger an e-mail and let them know how frustrating this is going to be and it’s not to late for them to change their minds.

  17. Kathy says

    We had to adjust to this several years ago, I didn’t like it then and I don’t like it now. Their reason was that they were offsetting it by starting a new program whereby you get points for your grocery purchases that can be redeemed for cents off your gas purchase. Well, that’s great in theory but nonoe of the three Krogers in my vicinity have gas.

  18. Karla says

    I think my real aggravation is their explanation of what iss happening. They said the money they shell out to couponers/couponing they will utilize to cut prices across the board so everyone gets a better deal. Call me selfish but I feel like I deserve the bargain because I take the time to coupon. if the rest of their customers were truly concerned about the deals they should coupon too. I will likely be learning Meijer’s couponing policy. but as of March 1st I will definitely limit my shopping at Kroger. to be honest i miss having Giant Eagle but since we moved this is no longer an option and the only reason Kroger rose to the front choice was because of their double coupons. . . . definitely not their customer service, product or location.

  19. Angela says

    As for Kroger’s going to stop doubling.I live in Tn. and I will stop buying as much as I do now if they stop doubling..I am very frugal & know exactly which store is cheapest for items I use & need.Kroger wins with sales and double coupons on alot of items but only because they double.If it stops, I will buy my items at store with the cheapest price.I am sure that many frugal couponers will do the same thing..So I feel that Kroger’s will be doing nothing but hurting their own buss. if they do stop doubling…

  20. Jamie says

    Wow. Talk about a blow! I thought I was dissapointed when the Toledo, OH stores stopped doubling to a dollar. Kroger will def lose my business with this move. I’ve already boycotted three area stores because of the cashier/manager attitudes- sometimes leaving entire cartuflls in the checkout lane for the employees to put back. I will NOT shop at Walmart, so I guess this leaves Meijer. Meijer NEVER has an issue with any coupons presented! I just wish their prices were more competative overall.
    Here’s where we can tell Kroger what’s on our mind

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