Kroger Mid-Atlantic Region – No More Double Coupons Starting 5/12


Well guys, it looks like another region is losing double coupons!

Folks who live in the Mid-Atlantic region (North Carolina, Virginia, most of West Virginia, and tiny adjacent slivers of Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio) will be losing the option to double coupons and getting supposed "lower prices throughout the store".

According to Bill over at Coupons in the News, Kroger plans to make a public announcement this weekend. He was able to confirm that Kroger will stop doubling coupons in Mid-Atlantic region as of Sunday, May 12th.

I know this affects a bunch of you guys. Feel free to share your opinion or even vent your frustrations. What do you think - will the new lower prices really have any impact?


  1. amie says

    Ouch! Fortunately, I am in the Southeast and not yet effected by this change. I imagine it is only a matter of time.

  2. Erin says

    I think it stinks I have a budget for my family that I HAVE to meet. Just barely making ends meet as it is.
    I’m very sad I hope I can get the same deals.

  3. Alma says

    I don’t use double coupons right now as much as I used to, but was hoping that Kroger would continue them here, since my husband is retiring soon and we will be watching our pennies closer then. This will be the deciding factor that sends us as grocery shoppers back to Walmart. :(

  4. twillis says

    I guess this is going to be part of Ashland Kentucky! I guess we were saving money or something. the first thing I noticed was tags that said new lower price. I am so frustrated.

  5. Jennifer says

    In other regions the new lower prices have been only one cent or less and in some case the new lower prices were higher! I find that the best way to shop is to buy the loss leaders. Without double coupons, Kroger will have fewer good loss leaders. I think that their overall sales volume will go down.

    • Jenni says

      I thought it was just me at first, but then I took a closer look at the prices & they did rise, so that was upsetting as well. I’m hoping that KROGER will see the light & make some more changes for the better. My store quit doubling & it was a heart-breaker for my family.

  6. Amanda says

    I’m in the Mid Atlantic Region, so it looks like my Kroger shopping will drop by half if not cut off altogether. Our closest one is a 35 min drive but it used to be worth it with the double Q’s and sales events. Now it won’t be. My friend lives in ohio and their stores stopped doubling coupons a while back as well in favor of new “lower prices” as a result she said the first trip she made was almost 20% more for the same stuff she buys on a weekly basis. In some cases the new lower price was higher than the old price, she said the coconut oil that she always buys went up .11 and the butter she gets went up .05 cents. She said the salad mix went down by .04 cents but that was one of the few items she bought that had a lower price. I guess if this turns out to be the case here then I will just start driving the extra 30 mins into lexington to go to Aldi’s.

  7. Fallon says

    I am in the mid Atlantic region and I love shopping at kroger for the reason they double coupons. Unfortunately kroger will loose our business.

  8. patty says

    The northern Kentucky area Kroger did this also. Now I mostly shop Meijer. Spent less than 5 dollars on my weekly “Krogering” this week.

  9. Tracy says

    I think this is terrible since this only leaves me to shop at Walmart. The Foodlion that was down the road from Kroger recently closed it doors. I was able to get right many good deals using my double coupons at Kroger.

  10. Donna says

    Sad news. This is the only store near me that doubles coupons. Guess a 20+ year relationship will come to an end. I not only did a lot of my coupon shopping there, but this was always my last stop on shopping day so I always bought milk, eggs, meats, etc there. Any sales items I will just price match at Walmart since it won’t me worth making the trip to Kroger any more.

  11. Doug says

    Looks like Food City might get another shot at my money. However, I have noticed that I am only getting 4 or 5 doubled coupons on each trip now ((due to .55 coupons (which I despise)). I think for $2-2.50 I will have to stick with Kroger. I know the store like the back of my hand and know which cashiers are nice and which ones are a pain in the rear end. I would have to learn that all over again if I switch stores now. I refuse to shop the Chinese outlet store aka Walmart.

  12. says

    This is very sad. We moved here from FL and lost Publix. Kroger was the only good store for couponing, even if the deals still were not as great as Publix. Maybe they will open Aldis here in central VA (they have one in Manassas VA already).

  13. Jenni says

    I feel the sadness after having gone through this fire earlier this year. When you are on a fixed income with only 3 stores to shop at for groceries it really hit my family hard. I’m still trying to adjust accordingly with my coupons but it’s just not the same since most of the Kroger prices went up!Not down like they said. Now I understand why Walmart is more crowded, Kroger just handed WALMART some of their BEST CUSTOMERS right over to them. I am hoping a change will come in the near future for KROGERS which used to be my absolute favorite Grocery Store….the Managers, Service Desk, Stockers & most of the Cashiers would always be pleasant & helpful which made me enjoy shopping there on a regular basis. You sure don’t get that at Walmart. So yes… hurts very deeply for me & I hope Kroger comes to realization soon.

  14. nicole says

    It’s only a matter of time before it happens here as well, we live in the midwest and I was broken hearted to lose shopping at Publix. If Dillon’s stops doubling, it will force me to have to drive 45 mins to do my shopping at Target. AT least they allow stacking, I refuse to go to Walm-mart. The customer service is subpar and the cashiers are ‘RUDE’ as Heck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I only go to walmart for health and comfort items I know are cheaper than the Walgreen’s we have were, even with the sales

  15. Teddie guy says

    For you that this is just going to start, have fun. They done mine on March 1 and so fine do what you want and after they started that, I have not been back in the store since. The NEW PRICES that is a J_O_K_E the prices are higher now then before.
    I just go to Walmart they will match the price and take the coupons and only have to stop at one store. Not sure what going to happen when Krogers put them self out of business over stupid stuff but know once the larger store that do stupid stuff like this get done Walmart will be what left standing ,BUT that not a good thing they will make there prices go higher then ever then . Just can not win.

  16. Jessika says

    If you look at their ads now they enlarged the items and spaced it out more. So less things are on sale and the prices are higher. Just think of how much money they have spent on those big blue signs that are everywhere in the store, new shelf tags, and advertising on billboards, radio, and tv……

  17. Abbie says

    I live in Cincinnati, the nationwide HQ for Kroger. We lost our double coupons on March 1. Their lower prices are not very good, and they are not permanent. I am extremely disappointed in their so-called “lower prices”.

  18. Sue Brown says

    My Kroger in Ohio quit doubling coupons in March. As far as “New Lower Prices”, I have found a few, but other products have gone up,even as much as a dollar, so be alert when shopping. When they decided to do this, i was so frustrated and thought I would do all my grocery shopping at Walmart. It was such a hassle at my Walmart using coupons and took me twice the time to check out it just not worth it. My Walmart is not coupon friendly! So i’m back at Kroger. I can save big when they have their sales, but if it is not a good sale, makes for less savings.
    I guess its the times we are living in, everything has gone up, so the only advice I can give to my fellow couponers is be more frugal than you have been, Change your menus at home, and keep encouraging your fellow couponers!!

  19. asmith says

    I am in Richmond Va and I am sad to see double coupon going away. We do have another store that doubles but they tend to be more expensive. Food Lion went through a phase were they alleged they were lowering prices and a few items I purchase had lower prices for a limited amount of time and now back up to old prices and higher.

  20. Jenn says

    Double coupons was the only reason I shopped there. I did all of my grocery shopping there so no more double coupons means no more of my business.

    • Dawn says

      Same here, that was the only difference between Walmart and Kroger so I shop at Kroger. Why go there now if Walmart will price match? Kroger will lose my business when they stop doubling in MS. I live in a small town and Walmart is my only other choice. Walmart’s prices always seem to be lower than Kroger, but when I factor in that Kroger will double then I choose Kroger. I guess us couponers were really making an impact on their bottom line, NOT!!!

  21. Twillis says

    Just curious if any of you guys are from morehead ky, if so will the kroger there stop doubling? In ashland , ky it is. But my dad lives in morehead so I could start going there once a week or so. You know people who are close Enuff could maybe carpool once a week to a store that doubles or something. Just a idea

  22. says

    We lost doubles in March. I’m still bitter. Especially here on the “free with doubles!” deals. Lol. I shop way less with Kroger now. But there are still good deals. The awesome scrubbing bubbles deals last week were still great even without the extra quarter on the .75 coupon. The hardest part is getting my brain to stop automatically doubling when I’m doing my figuring.

  23. Leslie says

    I would think that if enough people remove their business from Kroger it will cause them to rethink this new policy. It is just bad business to enact a policy that causes massive customer loss. I know many people have no other option, but if/when they begin this policy in the southeast, I’m taking my business elsewhere.

    On that note, wouldn’t they be less likely to stop double coupons in the southeast since Publix is their biggest competitor? Just a thought.

  24. Mariah says

    I live in Morgantown, WV, so I was upset to hear this news. Looks like Shop ‘n Save and Giant Eagle will be getting my business. They still double coupons – and up to .99. I have 5 kids – 2 are teenagers, so we go through a lot of groceries! I wonder if the Extreme Couponing show had anything to do with these changes?

  25. GACouponGuy says

    I’m in the Southeast, GA. It will be interesting to see if they do the same here. I have a Kroger on one corner, Publix on the other, Wal-Mart on the other, and Rite-Aid on the 4th corner…Aldi’s is right down the street from them all. Kroger’s parking lot is consistently emptier than the other 3 grocery. Aldi’s stays packed, but it’s a small parking lot. Wal-Mart just stays packed. And lately, with the coupon crush, Publix has been packed more and more.

  26. Kelly says

    Losing doubles stinks, but it could be worse. My krogers is closing in May so it won’t even be an option for the “good” sales. It does take a tiny bit of the sting away that we were going to lose doubles.

  27. Jennifer Y says

    I don’t think it applies to Morehead. Pretty sure they are in the Mid-South region like the one I work at in the Lexington area.

  28. Lekisha says

    I’am in the louisville region with Fort Campbell military base by. I’m hoping that will keep them from stopping our doubling of coupons. We just got 2 Publix’s and they are trying to keep up with them. They don’t want the Military families to stop shopping at Kroger’s because of they stop doubling coupons and only shop on post or Publix. We also get unlimited doubling on coupons up to .50 cent.

  29. Mandy says

    Our Kroger quit doubling in March as well. The lower prices promised by Kroger were on Kroger-brand items, but name brand items had gone up. Then they put in a Ruler Foods (Kroger’s version of Aldi’s). I have not been back to Kroger. Much like other posters on here, if by chance, they have decent sale prices, I can simply ad match them at Walmart. It’s a shame, as I really enjoyed our Kroger, and they were the only store to double coupons in my area so they had a definite competitive edge over the other stores. Now they are the same as everyone else. So for you Mid-Atlantic people, start shopping around for another store, you’re going to be glad you were prepared for the hit.

  30. Diane G says

    I live in Ohio and our Kroger stores stopped doubling in March. Unfortunately most prices did not go down. Some actually went up. I consistently pay probably $20 or more a week on groceries then what I used to with double coupons. I have moved some of my shopping to Walmart but they are such a pain with coupons, most cashiers making you feel like you are committing a “crime” or something for using them. I really used to enjoy shopping and getting good deals. I just don’t anymore. Luckily we have a great stockpile, maining of cleaning and HB items. I’ve committed myself not to purchase anymore of those items (unless it’s a screaming great deal or we really need that item). Then any money I would have possibly spent on these items can go to groceries. I’ve also committed to making more from scratch, even condiments, so my coupon usage has really dropped since the beginning of the year.

  31. Amy says

    Please guys, go to the Kroger website and voice your opinion. I just did and they need to hear from loyal customers who will now have to go elsewhere to shop. I don’t just shop there for coupon items. I buy meats, produce, my prescriptions, etc… I just told them I will be going elsewhere to shop for all my grocery, prescription needs.

  32. Jennifer says

    I am in the Mid-South Region. They have not stopped doubling yet, but I can see it coming. If and when my store stops doubling I will be taking my business elsewhere. That is all Kroger has going for them is the fact that they double and sometimes have awesome mega events. I have noticed that they have started having less and less of varieties on items also.

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