Kroger To Discontinue Double Coupons In The Delta Region

no-double-couponsMore bad news for Kroger shoppers! It looks like double coupons will come to an end in another region. This time the Delta region (Memphis, Tennessee area, Arkansas, Mississippi, western Kentucky and southern Missouri) will no longer have double coupons after July 10th.

It seems that they are introducing the supposed “New Lower Prices” starting with the new weekly ad this coming Wednesday, June 26th.

Obviously they are knocking each region off one by one. I expect the Southeast region to go at any time...

I know many of you guys are now working without double coupons. If you have any tips for Delta region folks, share your suggestions in the comments. Delta region folks, feel free to vent. I know it will not change things but sometimes it makes it feel a little better!

I am curious...for you folks who already have the supposed lower prices - have you really saved more with the loss of double coupons??

Thanks to Bill at Coupons In The News


  1. Cathy C says

    Lower Prices my behind! Kroger here in Fort Wayne, IN has higher prices than anyone, but we still have double coupns.

    • jessica says

      I overheard them saying at my Kroger (that no longer doubles and has the new “lower prices”) that they are trying to get all of their stores nationwide to be basically identical. I see it as the way Mcdonald’s used to be. You knew exactly what to expect – layout, menu, prices – all pretty much identical.

      I have shopped at Kroger much less since the fairly new switch I see it being just like the JC Penny’s recent “no coupon needed” marketing flop.

  2. Shelley says

    We have had no doubles since Feb., and quite frankly, I have quit shopping Kroger. I have a family of 8 and am luck to get 200 fuel points a month now and that’s with the weekend double points. The “New Lower Prices” lasted about 3 weeks. I find my best deals at Amazon (believe it or not) and a local Mom and Pop meat market. If your in a region that is stopping the doubles, good luck!

    • Lisa says

      We lost double coupons just recently, I too have stopped shopping in my krogers. They are just too high.

  3. Gina says

    I pretty much figured we were next. They have been “re-modeling” the store for a couple weeks now. Big signs telling us they were “lowering” prices on everything. BALONEY!! The prices now are just as high or even higher than before. If this keeps up and they discontinue doubles, I will have to start shopping somewhere else. I don’t know about y’all, but I can’t afford their “lower” prices without coupons to help defray the costs….. :(

  4. Amy says

    Wah! With two teenagers, who think if they are breathing, they should be eating, I guess I will have to be much more on top of the sales at other stores. I do NOT want to go into WalMart, if at all possible…

    • Whitney says

      I’m with you on Walmart. It’s the closest store to me, yet I’ve only been there 5 times in 5 years. Aldi provides 75% of our groceries. I only do Kroger for the almost-free stuff.

  5. Milissa says

    I am in the southeast region and our Kroger is being remodeled as we speak with the “new lower price” signs going up everywhere! It’s only a matter of time!

  6. Marianne McDermott says

    I am in AR and being able to double coupons was my main reason to shop at Kroger. I’ll probably do my shopping at Wal-Mart again, since they price match anyway. So disappointed!

    • GiGi says

      I live in AR and I shop at Kroger for the double coupons and I get the free items with the digital coupons. Plus I am on a budget and love the double coupons. I don’t shop at Walmart much because they do not double coupons. We have only three grocery stores in the town that I live in.

  7. Solana says

    Just do the mega sales. Those are the ones that you can get the most out of your buck. I started couponing when they stopped doubling here in the Houston region so I didn’t feel any loss coming in. Plain and simple you just have to pay the extra 50 cents. But many of those items are a deal if you think about it. I always read the whole, going somewhere else to shop comments. Trust me, many of the mega sale items aren’t going to be cheaper elsewhere. Unless you have a store that is better.

    • johne says

      I typically get much better sales at Publix in the Southeast. It is true that mega deals can be very good and I will take advantage of them when it is too my benefit. Publix gets most of my grocery money because I can usually get the best deals there. The mega deal this week at Kroger seems pretty lame to me. Publix has an awesome ad starting this Thursday in my area and I can’t wait to go shopping then!

    • Rose says

      My Kroger has never doubled since I’ve been couponing and their sales r amazing anyway. I mostly get the better sales on Mega sale items or the awesome 10/10 deals they have.

      Whenever I see matchups on the blogs after doublers, I do have to admit, I get a little jelaous because I have to pay those .50 extra cents.

      The hard part is getting out of the habit of getting coupons doubled and lots if free stuff as a result of that! At least that’s what I think because I went through it with a different store :(

      Just hang in there, you’ll eventually get used to it :-)

    • says

      This is true hon… with the mega sales and 10/10 sales.. Kroger is still lower on alot of their things.. although i am not looking forward for the doubling to stop…

    • Beth says

      Before Kroger stopped double & triple coupons here in Houston it was my store of choice. I do continue to shop there for the mega sales and such but have learned to stockpile items we use and shop where the deal is best. With all the promotions at other stores I believe Kroger has made a big mistake. I know there are many like me who now shop the same way utilizing the programs at stores like CVS, Walgreens, and Target to name a few. It’s a shame because of all the stores Kroger is the store I enjoy shopping at most. I’ve been shopping there for 20+ years and have come to know many of the employees. And they happen to treat couponers the best.

  8. cindi says

    I will be really surprised if the Atlanta area stops doubling. Basically every grocery store chain doubles here and they would lose so much business. I don’t see it coming but I have been known to be wrong a time or too. They have remodeled every store in my town (4 stores total) and have not even heard a peep about stopping doubling coupons. For every 1 Kroger there are 2 Publix within 10 miles of each so not too worried about where I would shop but sure would hate to lose the gas points.

    • johne says

      Reading the attitude of the head cheeses at Kroger-it seems likely that Kroger will likely eventually stop doubling coupons nationwide. If this happens, I hope that Publix gets all of Kroger’s former customer’s in the Southeast region. I am loyal to my checkbook and not a store.

    • Rob says

      Same boat here. I’ve got 2 Publix and 1 Winn Dixie by me that both double. Fortunately, Publix generally has better deals anyway (IMO).

    • amanda says

      I live in Cincinnati and every other store doubles here, but Kroger stopped. It will eventually happen to all areas. I rarely shop at Kroger now. I am get better deals with doubles at Meijer & Remke

      • Mike says

        I rarely shop kroger anymore because they stopped double coupons in Cincinnati. The prices seem higher and I do not save as much. Mega sales are still OK. I go Aldi’s and Biggs mostlty now. I don’t think Kroger cares. Kroger is based in Cincy and I have read profits are up.

    • says

      Well BE SUPRISED! They are no longer going to double coupons. This is effective September 8. It’s a bummer. People who don’t coupon are happy. People who don’t coupon don’t realize how easy it is or that when it’s done right, doesn’t require all that much time. One person told me that 30 minutes of her time was too much time! Really? Not for me, when it saves easily 50 to 60 dollars, sometimes more, a week. I’d say a half hour of work that allows me to save at least $50 a week is worth my time.

      • Alison says

        To get the best deals people need to shop all the stores. I have deal shopped and couponed for over 30 years. If double coupons stop at Kroger then they will stop at Publix. If you haven’t noticed in general that less and less coupons are at a value that can be doubled now. And the internet coupons that are put on your card are also not doubled. The printed internet coupons probably will be the next to go since they contribute to fraud. I live in Metro ATL and moved here 20 years ago. When I came there were many grocery stores and even though some others have stayed around they are not competitors for Kroger and Publix. If you kill the competition (Kroger) by going to Publix or Walmart then all you will have is higher prices. Publix in Florida has ran off most of their competition or made them irrelevant and after spending a couple of months taking care of my elderly father I can tell you that the prices in Florida at Publix are very high and much higher than Atlanta. I also hardly ever shop at Walmart since I do better on deals elsewhere. BTW – no kids anymore but we spend less than $30 a week on groceries and personal products. And no we don’t eat convenience foods.

  9. Autumn says

    Ugh!! This was the only reason I shopped at Kroger. When this goes into affect I doubt the prices will be that much lower to make up the difference.

    • Patricia says

      I agree. Once they quit doubling coupons I will probably shop less at Kroger and shop more at Target or a local grocery store or commissary. I will still shop if they have some good sales and coupon match up but this fraulein will shop else ware.

  10. johne says

    It really seems like Kroger could care less about most couponers. I just hope that Publix does not follow suit.

      • Scott says

        This is what I am worried about. Publix and Kroger are the only stores that double in my area. If Kroger stops, then Publix may follow suit. I hope that’s not the case. I prefer Publix, but if Kroger has some great deals, I will snatch them up. Doubles is even better. I live in Nashville, TN so this is quite close to me.

        • Emily says

          I am in Nashville as well and I have noticed the lower prices signs up also and I knew it was a matter of time. I am already an avid Publix shopper and only do Kroger for freebies or some mega sales. i worry about Publix as well, but I’m thinking it won’t be too soon as they also take competitor’s coupons. Let’s cross our fingers! (Before couponing I had been to Publix twice and now almost every week.)

        • Lea says

          I live in Cookeville, Tn and Krogers is the only grocery store here that doubles and we don’t have a Publix or Target to fall back on. Should Krogers stop doubling coupons I’ll probably start shopping at CVS and Walgreens again.

          • Alison says

            If Kroger quits doubling coupons in an area that it competes with Publix then Publix will also not be doubling coupon. Double couponing in Publix is area specific and they do not do double coupon in Florida only in the other states they have moved into. Also Publix has very deep pockets not like most retail so they just took the loss to get more customers.

  11. Asmith says

    Mid Atlantic prices have not been lower. I have shopped less at Kroger but not a lot of options. Mega sale items have made it worthwhile going in. I have only had a few coupons that would have doubled. It seems like a lot of coupons are 1 off 2 or more of an items. Meat prices have gone up and they have some produce on decent sale price but not less than old sales.

  12. margaret says

    I am in the Houston area. I stopped shopping Krogers when they stopped doubling. I have since gone back a few times for the mega sales (which can be pretty good) but still hardly ever a free product anymore (unlike before). This month was pretty good but now I only shop there upon occasion. I think what hurt worse though was the inability to use both loaded coupons and cut-out coupons together. Especially since once I load them, they will not allow you to take a paper coupon instead, even if it is a higher dollar amount.

  13. elise says

    I’ll just be going in for certain items on Mega sales and closeouts. Everything else is just a waste of time.

  14. Alexandra says

    Here in the Delta region (northwest MS) Kroger really have us over a barrel. They basically have no competitors here. We have Walmart, one Aldi and a Superlo … but all other grocery stores are Kroger since they bought out Schnucks / Seesels / Albertson’s.


  15. Shanna says

    I live in Northern Indaina & so far Kroger is still doubling & the store is not currently in any remodel faze. Plus I see no signs about lower prices. The main reason I started shopping at Kroger was for the double coupons/mega sales. Our Meijer store quite doubling this past March & they’ve lost most of my business b/c of it. They to also advertised a new lower price but I’ve never seen it. Prices are just as high or higher.

    My Kroger store is the only grocery store that doubles now in my town. I won’t be surprised if in the future they quite doubling. I won’t shop there then b/c they are just to high unless your shopping the mega sales/using coupons that double. I think eventually all grocery will quite doubling. We can thank the Extreme Couponing show for this. This is when things started to go bad for us legit couponers. :(

    • Amie says

      It’s funny that you blame Extreme Couponing. My Kroger (SE region) still doubles and had never limited my coupons before this month. Now, the cashiers allow 5 like coupons per transaction. One of the cashiers declined my 6th coupon – which was $1 off and wouldn’t have doubled anyway, apologized, and said, “You can thank Extreme Couponing for this.” lol. I wonder if Kroger actually tells their employees that. I agree that everything went bad with Extreme couponing. When I read money saving blogs (the ones not just dedicated to shopping/couponing), I see a lot of comments from people saying they used to coupon and no longer do so. I am kind of hoping this brings things back to normal for people who do coupon. I’ve been couponing for around 4 years and doubt I’ll ever stop. I’m guessing when the SE region stops doubles, I’ll cut back on Mega Events and buy less “treats” but I’ll still shop Kroger since I have limited options in my town. Coupons will still be great for several items I purchase.

      • gdfghdf says

        I would have replied to that cashier, “Shall I also thank the Krogers that appeared on Extreme Couponing?”

  16. Jackie says

    Oh no! I’m sure the Southeast is soon to follow… When I was at Publix over the weekend, I noticed a 50 cent coupon I used (on the P-farm Texas Toast) didn’t double. I thought doubling coupons were over at Publix with no notice, but the cashier manually fixed it. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks!

    • Scott says

      I am in Nashville, TN. I had this same exact issue with the same Peppridge Farms coupon. I have never had a $0.50 or less coupon not double at Publix until this coupon. I just hope it is not a sign of things to come.

  17. peggy says

    To me everything about Kroger feels like an uphill climb… I always have a problem at checkout. Not long ago I was told that I could only use a total of two printables per shopping trip… so my next trip I drove to another town… that was the day of the $5 catalinas with no barcode… this week I went in for the Koolaid/country time deal and again very difficult to tell if products were signed properly… Which brings me back around to I LOVE PUBLIX! Why do I continue to shop at Kroger when it is so easy and pleasant to shop at Publix. Yes, a couple of times a year Kroger runs a great sale… but week to week Publix gets my business! I have worked today on my list for Wednesday at Publix and I can’t wait to shop! I always dread the checkout process at Kroger and fear that my coupons will be rejected. Also, they never seem to plan adequately for a big sale. The peeps at Publix are so good about planning for each week and massing out the endcaps with BOGO items! I’m hitting the easy button on this one!

    • Mariah says

      I agree. I have had issues at two of the three Krogers in my town with couponing and sales, but never, NOT ONCE with Publix. Plus Publix is very clean, the employees are well dressed and very friendly, and they have fresher meat and produce. My local Kroger’s employees are rude 9 out of 10 times, look like they rolled out of bed and came to work, and the meat is not as good. I normally once go to Kroger for the staples that rarely have a good sale, like sugar, milk, eggs, or for using coupons with the megasales. But if I have to choose between the two, Publix will win hands down.
      This is very discouraging. Ive only been couponing about 4 years and it seems to be getting harder.

      • Darby says

        It’s kind of hard for those of us who have to choose between Kroger and walmart. Man, my city really needs a better grocery store! People drive an hour and a half to Memphis to go shopping (I live in Jackson, TN).

  18. Whitney says

    We still have doubles here in Central Ohio, but the majority of my grocery spending is still done at Aldi. I’ll certainly miss the free stuff it they stop doubling, but I can get most everything I need between Aldi and playing the drugstore game. I haven’t regularly done the drugstores in a few years because of how time-consuming it was, but I can certainly go back to it. I’m lucky to live in a small town that has a Walgreens, Rite-Aid and CVS within 5 minutes of each other.

    • Angie says

      Thanks Whitney ~ I’m also in the central ohio area and I was dreading seeing that there is word or news of the C.O. area Kroger ( and Meijer ) stores discontinuing doubling coupons.
      A relief for now but I’m not going to hold my breath and hope ( pray ) that our area will not be hit with no more doubles.

      We have an Aldi, RA, Wags, CVS, Kroger and Meijer in a half mile strip.

      • Whitney says

        I think our area will be hit especially hard when they discontinue doubles – namely because we are lucky enough to have doubles up to .99. I will really miss the .75/1 coupons that double to $1.50!

  19. patti l says

    I too like Amanda live in Cincinnati and the adjustment of no doubles starting in March was difficult. I have noticed my spending at Kroger is less. Although I have taken advantage of the gift card promotions of 4 x for gas points. Like anything else you always need to watch the pricing even with the mega sales etc.

  20. Steph says

    I am in Central Ohio also. I really hope not but know it will probably work its way here someday. If it wasn’t for double coupons and stacking I definitely know my budget would really tighten and I would change my shopping habits. Anytime I see a coupon for .50 I think $1, .75 I think $1.50. Pair that with sales and it really adds up. I feel for those where it has already changed.

  21. Erin says

    Can you save money without doubles? Absolutely. Now that my Kroger no longer doubles, I simply avoid a lot of the items that I used to purchase. I used to get some fun freebies, but I’ve found that I really don’t need most of them (junk food, processed food, HBA items). As a result, my mega deal trips have gone WAY down, but it’s kinda nice because it’s only stuff I need that’s a good price (rather than a bunch of free stuff that we may or may not like) and it’s less tedious for me because there aren’t as many coupons for the cashiers to miss! :)

    If you know the prices in your area and primarily buy whole foods that are in season and on sale, you’ll be fine–but your primary shopping will probably not be at Kroger.

    • Glenn says

      This is exactly my experience. Kroger stopped doubling in my area about 2 years ago now, and while I still shop there (it takes me about as long to walk there as to drive to the next closest store) I buy a *lot* less in general and even less from Kroger. Originally, I shifted most of my grocery shopping to Safeway and Albertsons affiliates (who still doubled) as well as Target (lots more store coupons to combine with MQs). Now there’s a Walmart neighborhood store, that’s just opened *almost* as close as Kroger and I suspect I’ll be relying on it more and more. Right now, I usually spend less than $10 per trip at Kroger since I’m just cherry picking the best deals, and often forgo a trip altogether if there’s nothing in the circular I need.

      As far as the “lower” prices, I can’t say I noticed much of a difference after the policy change. But I do find it reasonable assumption that dropping the doubling program helped prevent them from having to raise prices. It’s interesting that in the 3-4 months following the policy change the parking lot at my local Kroger was virtually deserted. By about a year out, it was back to normal and might even be busier now than it was before. And this is even with *more* chains having moved into the area (Trader Joes, Aldi, Sprouts, and the aforementioned Walmart). So maybe there is something to it.

  22. Jennifer says

    I’m in the Southeast region as well and I am mentally preparing for the end of doubles. I just cherry pick the deals at Kroger now and check for marked down meat and produce. I will miss the doubles, as it has meant free whole wheat bread, free Mountain High yogurt and many other free regular food products. I will continue to cherry pick the deals, but will probably do less shopping at Kroger. In general, it is a much less pleasant experience than shopping at Publix ( dirty stores, crowded aisles, generally unhelpful store personnel). From reading many comments on the internet, I will try to never live in an area with only Kroger and Walmart as shopping choices. I have a lot of time to shop, so even now I shop at Publix, Kroger, Ingles, Target, CVS and Walgreens.

  23. Sheila says

    There goes my life plans…..gggrrrrrr. My little world depends on the extra savings. What to do now ????

  24. Jennifer says

    I am in the Cincinnati, Ohio region. I have to say when they first announced no doubles I was not happy. Fumed for awhile,but, after actually shopping a few months without it I can say I am not really missing it too much! I still find great deals when they have the mega sales and when they don’t I just go to Aldi. I also hit Meijer if they are having a great sale. After figuring what I am missing out on it equals maybe $5 per week.Like others have said it is for stuff we can do without. Most of the qs I use are for .75+ off. It is not the end of the world even though it sure felt like it at the time. Also, I have noticed that they offer some pretty good eqs now.

  25. Snoopymomki says

    I also live in the Cincinnati area, I only go to Kroger when every few weeks, I have found the new lower prices are not really lower, most everything I buy is similar in price to what it was or in a few cases have gone up. I go to the mega sales sometimes, but I try to only use $1 coupons when I can. I think it is only a mater of time before Meijers follows and will no longer double. I find that it is getting much harder to find things for free.

  26. Erin says

    The worst part is psychological–seeing those posts “as low as . . . if your store doubles” and not being among the “chosen ones.” 😉 The best part for me is much less interest in scoping out deals and shopping, which probably saves me far more than doubled coupons ever did!

    I wonder if Kroger affiliates will also stop doubling.

  27. SK says

    I am in the Cincy region and honestly haven’t really seen “low prices” at Kroger since they stopped doubling. We don’t really have too many options by where we live, only Meijer still doubles… you get used to the not doubling. You miss out on the “free stuff”. I avoid Kroger and go there only when they have a mega event. I shop there much less since they stopped doubling. Meijer will stop doubling pretty soon too … will be a bad thing but it is what it is.

    • Abbie says

      I agree! I live in the area and go to Meijer and Remke/Biggs for my doubles. Remke/Biggs seem to have a “super double” coupon day every few months – they will double up to $2. The mega event is really the only time I can get any good deals at Kroger.

    • ken says

      I too live in the cincy area, and do less shopping at kroger now. I have found that meijer has lower prices on many of the items i purchase on a regular basis. I dont see lower prices at kroger. what they advertise as lower is what it was prior to stoping doubling and i believe they have actually raiesed their prices on many things. Mega event item sales are attractive, but spending a whole lot less at kroger now.

  28. says

    Cincy area. I also shop there less. But I think the manufacturers work together with the stores. Seems to me like we’re getting higher value coupons. Otherwise, I just keep watching the sales like always. If I start to run low on something because the rock bottom price isn’t what I’m used to, then I get whatever is lowest when I need it and adjust my mentality. But really, the dial hand soap is .89. I was used to it being a dollar with a double coupon of .35 and then paying .30. This time they came on sale for .89 and we got $1 off 2 coupons. .39. Not as good as .30. But no other store even comes close. It just takes a while to make your brain stop automatically seeing double!

  29. Jan says

    I agree not happy, but when Tx area stopped doubling I started looking at what my shopping would look like if (and when) this crept north (currently double only up to 50¢). I did notice I was already using many more internet printable as the newspaper coupons here are poor and we don’t get many others get. Lo and behold many I was using were .55 and up so weren’t being doubled anyway. If the regions are more consistent eventually sites like I heart kroger will have the same data for all. They will be written without the coupons doubling and that will make it back to the norm for calculating what you would pay with everyone in the same boat. I also find I am more environmentally conscientious as instead of buying lots of small bottles like the liquid soap, I just buy one large refill on sale with a $1 coupon that last a long time. Always felt a twang of green guilt buying the small Dawns.

  30. Shari says

    I live in the Mid Atlantic region and was really bummed when Kroger stopped doubling on Mother’s Day (how ironic!). Anyway, we do not have any other choice of stores where I live besides WalMart and FoodLion. FoodLion has never doubled and because of that, I would shop my local Kroger. Now that the incentive is gone, I have started shopping at FoodLion and have noticed their “lower prices” ARE lower than Kroger. Guess who is going to get my business? Kroger lost me as a customer because of their blatant falsehoods about lower prices. The only thing that I have seen lower is their brand of sliced American cheese! Who are they trying to fool?!? Buh Bye Kroger :(

  31. Brandi says

    I live in the Memphis area and hate to see the double coupons go. (that’s really the only thing that keeps me shopping at Kroger) I have been trying to pay attention to the prices and have noticed the new “New Lower Prices” are NOT lower than what they were. They are actually MORE than what I had been paying. I will probably be shopping at Walmart more now, since they are often lower in price and I can price match.

  32. jodi bradshaw says

    i live in the Delta and I dont have many options for grocery shopping. Just walmart and I HATE shopping there because its always crowded and people have carts full of STUFF and i just get mad. i like Kroger self check out. I like their promos with gas and other savings. I don’t purchase as many coupons anymore. I print some off swagbucks to get points and buy 1 newspaper a week. However, I have quit making big dinners every single night so my cost of groceries have went down. My husband is trying to lose weight and realizes he doesn’t need tons of food/full meals. We don’t have any small kids in the house to feed so cooking meals has kinda went out the window.

  33. says

    Super bummed about this! Also, I just learned that I’m in the Delta region :-)

    Kroger is not my main grocery store, but I do shop there every once in a while when they have good sales. I’ll probably still stop in every once in a while, but this is more incentive to keep Publix as my main grocery store!

  34. Chris says

    We lost double coupons in the Richmond, VA area about six weeks ago. I was upset at the time, but since then I’ve still been able to score some fantastic deals during the Mega Events and in particular, the General Mills catalina promo (as well as other one-off Catalinas.) Specifically, I have a fridge full of free Kraft Fresh Take (I usually just use the cheese), a deep-freeze full of so many nearly-free Totinos pizzas I had to take them out of the box to fit, moneymaker Bayer aspirin, free cake mix and frosting, etc etc etc. My secret: use as many printable coupons as possible, which tend to be higher value than those in the paper. This may sound crazy, but we have 10 laptops-PCs in our house that are all easily able to print to one wireless printer. (We’ve let friends and family know that when they’re ready to upgrade, we’ll take their ‘slow’ computers off their hands.) Yes, I’ve had to pay an extra 25 to 50 cents per item for a FEW things since the change (usually only 25 cents since many of the 50c coupons I used were for 2 items). But overall, my fridge, freezer, medicine cabinet, and pantry are overflowing with free, nearly free, and moneymaker stuff I’ve obtained since the change :-)

  35. Amanda R. says

    I dread the time when they stop doubling coupons here in the Southeast. I already pay an extra 9% in sales tax. Going to Kroger just won’t be worth it anymore. I’ll stick with Publix and the local stores in our little town.

  36. Noele says

    If they discontinue their doubling in the Southeast I will no longer shop there at all. I only go there now if there is some super duper sale anyway.

  37. Abbie says

    I live in Cincinnati, home of the Kroger Company. We lost our double coupons on March 1 of this year. I definitely have not had the same savings with the new “low prices” with Kroger. I still do well when they have their buy 4 get $4 off type mega sales, but the new pricing has not been helpful. I am glad that I have 2 other grocery stores in town that still double coupons for me. One of them even has a super double coupon day every so often, doubling up to $2. The new prices have been a major disappointment. Good luck Southern Kroger shoppers! I hope it works better for you guys.

  38. Lanie says

    I’m in Indianapolis, IN (not sure what region that is) and we have a grocery store on almost every corner. Recently my main Kroger went from limiting us from 5 like coupons to 4. They are still doubling up to 50 cents, limit 2 like coupons but I too am expecting us to lose doubles soon since Marsh did away with them a few months ago. I’m not sure if Meijer here is still doubling or not because there isn’t one close to my house.

    I LOVE Kroger’s organics line, Simple Truth. We only buy organics, HBA and cleaning products at the store (we raise everything else ourselves) so Walmart and Aldi really aren’t options for us. They have ecoupons for their organics line at which helps and when we can catch it on Managers Special then it’s even better! Most of the coupons that I have seen for the HBA and cleaning products are all over 50 cents anyway so they didn’t double for me. I only buy them on Mega or catalina deals (when on sale too) so they end up being extremely cheap or free.

    I’ll still shop Kroger and probably won’t change the way I shop very much. I don’t know if they have lowered their prices here yet or not and don’t think it will make much of a difference in the way we shop because of what we buy from there. As long as the Simple Truth Organic Milk doesn’t go sky high (it’s already regular price at $3.49 for a 1/2 gallon) we will be OK.

  39. says

    I live in Georgia and only go to Kroger for the special sales. I was there yesterday and what a hassle. First, the cashier didn’t know how to do a raincheck (she’s been there a while and needed manager help), then when I told her 2 of my coupons didn’t double, she had to call the manager over again who had to do it manually. Then she didn’t want to take my (4) $5 coupons for razors that I had a raincheck for (4.69) each because the $5 exceeded the price. Another trip for the manager to explain to her to put the 4.69 in manually for each one. Finally, it didn’t take the $5 off or print the catalina for the aspirin so that was a trip to the service desk. I’ll stick with Publix. If there’s no double coupons at Kroger, it’s not worth it. I’d rather go to Walmart and price match and Ugh, I don’t even want to think about that!

  40. Shaunalynn says

    Just learned yesterday that our store will discontinue double coupons on Sunday. I live about an hour north of Atlanta…

    I’m really hoping that Publix does not follow the trend…

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