Kroger Instant Win Games – Play & Win!


In case you missed my posts yesterday...there are two new instant win games going on at Kroger. I won a buck yesterday and still hoping for that big $50 win!

Snickers Kick Off To Savings - Play for a chance to WIN NFL tickets, Exclusive Digital savings, andFREE SNICKERS® Brand Chocolate!

orange_callout“Win Your Shopping List” promotion - you can win $50 toward your next shopping trip.


  1. Michelle Sanders says

    I won $50 the last time this promo ran. It didn’t come off my bill. I’ve contacted customer service 3 times about this, and they just keep telling me someone will get back to me and still no one has. The first person didn’t even know what I was talking about!

      • Laura says

        I’ve had similar situations with downloading Kroger ecoupons and then they don’t come off at check out, even though they are loaded onto my account!

        • Michelle Sanders says

          I decided to post about it on their Facebook page, figured they don’t want 588,000-plus people seeing anything negative. They said they sent it to their internal teams to look into it. Yeah, we’ll see. That’s what I’ve been told before, but I’m sure they don’t want this negative stuff on their page. Everyone else who has issues should post about it on their Facebook for everyone else to see too. Maybe then they’ll actually do something.

    • Laura says

      I found a few months ago when I won a $50 credit that it excludes gift cards, beer, wine, tobacco, prescriptions.

      I had bought $33 in food and a $20 gift card but since my $53 total had an excluded item that’s why it didn’t come off.

  2. sally says

    Kroger never gets back on any issues. Their staff sometimes don’t make any attempt if the coupon doesn’t ring. I had this wholly salsa $ off coupon and it didn’t ring they couldn’t put the code manually too. The cashier always has a grumpy look.

  3. asmith says

    I had a 2 off 2 kraft singles coupon that did not come off a few weeks ago. I can home and I was going to send email but site was under maintenance. I called and I was on hold for a while. Once I spoke to a person he put me on hold while he “researched” and then I was told it would take someone 5 – 10 days to get back to me and no one followed up. I sent another follow up email and they responded within 1 day with as a “courtesy” they added a $2.00 off coupon to my card which I see is loaded but I have not attempted to redeem.
    I am not sure what the deal is but they shouldn’t push a program that they have so many technical glitches with. I thought about returning the cheese and getting my money back but I knew they would have to throw the item away. I think they just hope the person goes away.

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