Kroger Ends Double Coupons In Southeast Region 9/22

no-double-couponsWell guys I have more sad news...looks like the SE region will no longer double coupons as of 9/22. I can't say that I am shocked with all those "lower price" tags everywhere.

I actually had a couple of my Publix readers share on Facebook and my buddy Amy called her store and they confirmed the news - bummer!

I can't even keep track anymore...are there any regions left that still double? Any of you guys find you are actually saving more money now that double coupons has ended?


  1. Rachel says

    I am in the Cincinnati/Nky region so I have had a little while to adjust and it definitely takes more time and effort but I’m still able to stockpile and keep my pantry/freezer full for my family of 7 on the same grocery budget we used with double coupons. I just have to spread my shopping trips out between sales more and I try to only buy sale items I have coupons for to get the best possible deals…

  2. Wendy says

    I shop at Kroger almost daily. I know there sales and prices as well as I know my kids names, and no, they have not lowered the prices enough for it to matter. There are still way more things cheaper at Meijer and Walmart, which I am not a regular shopper at. Both Kroger and Meijer stated that only a small percentage of shoppers used coupons while alot more are using the mperks at Meijer and the digital coupons at Kroger. I cannot believe they actually expect people to believe that. Couponing is only going to get worse. The stores are going to limit computer coupons, then limit all coupons while prices steadily increase. Sad. With inflation rising all the time, and pay not going up, it is more and more harder for a family to feed themselves healthy food and wholesome meals. Very sad. I seen this coming when that stupid coupon extreme show came on television.

    • Debbie says

      My Kroger has already put limits on internet coupons. Only up to 75% of the item’s price (even if sale or mega price); only 2 internet coupons per day; and many cashiers are refusing to take them at all. This is in north Texas. We were the first to lose doubling. I mainly shop at Kroger when they do the Mega Sales and I have good coupons. However, the manager told me today that they are stopping overage on all coupons. So sad. I’ll have to see how it all plays out.

      I don’t blame the extreme coupon show though. To be on the show, many stores allowed the couponers to do things they would never let us do. Their antics could not be replicated in real life (without committing fraud). The stores know this and so do the manufacturers.

  3. Lynn Mattox says

    N.W Ohio still doubles……sad that these stores no longer care about the struggling, hard working middle, and lower class. They stop, I will travel to find a newer store.

  4. Melissa A. says

    Loganville, GA will stop doubling Sunday September 8th. I can’t see the prices dropping enough for me to shop there without coupons doubling. Hopefully, Publix won’t change

    • Denise says

      Does that go for all Gwinnett County stores, do you know? I shop the Mountain Park Kroger. I’m so upset! I should have guessed it with all the $.50off digital coupons they’ve been offering. I know I can get the same coupon out of the paper or printed and get double, so what’s the use of loading their $.50off coupon? I’ll be shopping Publix and Ingles from now on.

    • Debbie says

      Don’t buy their talk about lower prices. Sure they’ll drop their prices for a few weeks and then prices will creep up to higher than before. It’s happened everywhere they stopped doubling so far.

  5. Sara says

    I am also in NW/NC Ohio and our Kroger still doubles. It will end soon, I am sure. I think it is a bald faced lie and am honestly offended that these stores think we believe the reasons they are giving for ending the doubling. They want more profit, less savings, while tricking us into thinking we are saving even more than before. Maybe they work for Obama. Lol.

  6. Ashley says

    Toledo Ohio stores are still doubling… We also have a store that doubles up
    To .75 cents!! Sure it’ll be soon for everyone!!

  7. Becky says

    In the Central region Kroger stopped doubling August 1. I have noticed some better specials each week (milk this week for $1.88/gallon), and I also think they’ve had some better digital coupons. It also seems there have been more $1 IPCs in which case doubling doesn’t matter. Right now there are three $1 cereal coupons on and a couple on Just have to change strategies a little…

    • Becca says

      I think we still double in the Louisville area … but, like you, Becky, I have been using more $1 IPC’s and the $1+ Kroger digital q’s lately, so I am not sure if we still double! I don’t expect to be able to double much longer, since Kroger has overhauled their digital q program. Some pricing is MORE than before, but the recent mega sales have made up for that. Right now, I think they have done a good job (I’m really excited about the bigger denomination digitals), and I enjoy shopping there.

  8. says

    I just have not been going at all hardly anymore. I find myself at publix. even with the digital coupons they don’t double and they are putting up a lot of 25 cents off coupons on there. They do have some dollar coupons but just not like what I am used to saving. I have just been taking my high dollar coupons to Kroger when I get something that would be a good deal otherwise I am at publix. I hate it but what can you do!

  9. AnneS says

    Denver CO still doubles. We do not have Publix, only Albebrtsons (who does not double) and Safeway as competition. If Kroger stops doubling I do not know what to do – There would be no other place for me to go which is cheaper – I do not have time to run from store to store to pick up weekly deals:( Bummer!!!

  10. Sam says

    Krogers in Genesee county in MI still double all coupons $1.00 or less. I believe my county and one other county (Lapeer or Saginaw) are the only counties in MI who still double. Hope it never ends for us, but we’ll see. No publix or any other stores that double other then a small local store.

    • Still Doubling says

      I’m in Lansing MI and our Kroger stores still double coupons up to $0.50. Thankfully!! I’m sure it will send at some point just like it did with Meijer stores.

  11. Sonda says

    Our doubling stopped in July, and I may only find one nice deal a week. I have been shopping more at our local grocery stores that double up to $.60. I talked to a manager at Kroger, and she stated that they spent $11M to lower prices to compete with Walmart.

    • Wendy says

      I find that absolutely hilarious they have to SPEND 11 million dollars to LOWER prices!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahaha… How absurd. Lower the prices in the ads, and you will have more customers. Common sense!!!!

  12. Kelly says

    We just moved to Texas from Florida….I can say I definitely miss Publix- I haven’t found a store that compares, as far as coupons go. Even though they did not double/triple it was nice that they let you stack coupons and they had pretty good B1G1 deals. Needless to say our grocery bill has went through the roof!

  13. Roci R says

    I’m in central Ohio & the Kroger’s here are still doubling, but Meijer stopped in August. Before Meijer stopped doubling they received 75% of my business w/ Kroger receiving the other 25%. Since Meijer stopped doubling Kroger has received 90% of my business. IMHO double coupons do make a difference. In the end I will go where I can save the most money. I can only hope that manufacturers will come to the rescue w/ higher price point e-coupons.

  14. Jenni says

    OH NO….say it isn’t so, I’m in the Southeast region and have been anticipating this would happen, but kept on believing that it wouldn’t, oh well, at least they have great sales throughout the year so I will continue to shop at KROGER just have to be a lot more of a savvy shopper! Thanks for sharing this information.

  15. says

    I save more money since Kroger stopped doubling. . . By not shopping at Kroger. I will go where the deal is on anything. Kroger still does good on the health and beauty and cleaning supplies stuff even after doubles stopped for us in January. I hardly ever buy any food from them though. Costco, GFS, and Azure Standard have much better deals when there isn’t a super coupon deal available.

  16. Stephanie says

    Darn-it-to-heck and back! Ugh, come on Kroger! What are ya’ll doing to us poor-middle class folks? Ae ya’ll in “kahoots” with Obama? Rats! God help us all, everyone.

  17. Megan says

    Well, I’ve been following this blog for a while even though I live in another “region.” BEFORE they ended double coupons here prices almost always matched what was advertised in your region. AFTER the prices are usually higher! Yes, I said that right, higher. SO, I’m paying more to begin with AND my coupons no longer double. The first week, they had some really stellar deals but since then I haven’t seen anything significant. I’ve virtually stopped shopping at Kroger.

  18. Laura says

    In the Atlanta market we still have doubles at Publix & Ingles. Super Target we can stack manuf coupons with target. com coupons (and Target price matches any stores ad). Aldi has good prices while accepting no coupons. Food Depot has good sales while accepting no coupons. With no doubles the kroger sale items might as well be taken to Super Walmart for price match & non-sale would have better prices at Walmart anyway. The only good thing left about kroger is the free item Friday digital coupon and sometimes they have things 75% off on the clearance aisle.

    • Andrea says

      I noticed there wasn’t a free item today (Fri. Sept 6). I live in town in Atlanta so the only grocery store for me now that doubles will be Publix. I just worry they will follow Kroger, since they are really their main competition. In my area, the only grocery alternatives to Publix & Kroger are the tiny Walmart and Target grocery sections…and their prices are not so great and then there’s Aldi. I do use them for items that there are rarely coupons for – eggs, milk, etc. I’ve been shopping Kroger less and less lately – except for stopping in for clearance bread on the way to work. I’ll probably keep doing that and hitting their clearance and manager’s specials, but that will be just about it.

  19. becky ussery says

    Well, I would travel 40 minutes just to go to Kroger and Publix when they had sales and I had good coupons. Honestly it had already gotten to the point that it wasn’t hardly worth the drive except once per month.

    The only store we have in our town that will double is Fred’s and they only double one like coupon on Saturdays. So not really worth it!

    Now I will probably just do a lot of price matching using my coupons. I used to get tons of free stuff, even in my small town, but I have found that couponing is getting harder and I also had to start spending more on my inserts. :(

  20. Deeanna says

    I have bought all my toothpaste at Wal Mart since they stopped doubling, along with alot of our other H&B. Prices have went up since they stopped doubling in Arkansas, at least at my store. I knew their prices pretty well before their lower price campaign. The bag of chicken tenders I always bought jumped to 7 bucks the first week. I had been paying $5.69. The one positive thing I have noticed is that the shelves aren’t near as bare since the doubling stopped, so the shelf clearers must of moved on. :)
    Just last week the store posted they would be closing at 1am instead of being open 24 hrs. Maybe it has to do with less couponers, maybe not. Who knows.

  21. Juls says

    every kroger here in genesee county mi still doubles, most of them to $1. there are tons of stores i hit, depending on stock. they can never keep their shelves with product on them. im close to saying screw it, its so bad….

    • Joy says

      I am surprised that is your attitude when you have a store that doubles dollar coupons when many people have no doubling at all. I shop at Genesse County stores too and am grateful every time I leave the store that I got some great deals. Yes, I am not able to get all my deals sometimes because the product is gone but still end up with so many free or super cheap items.

      • Juls says

        WOW. youve taken what ive said WAY out of context. as if i need to explain myself to you….i live 30 minutes away from the nearest store that doubles to $1. i have an infant and have health/physical limitations. the ink is the ONLY thing extra i get to purchase each month so printing the coupons is a HUGE deal for me. the time i need to put into the research as well is difficult as i cant see very well and suffer from such horrible TMJ that my headaches are debilitating. after all the time and effort and difficulty, i look forward to my ONE shopping trip a week that my gas tank affords me. i have no baby sitter and have a child with special needs so going to the store is an added effort. so to go through all of that and to repeatedly not get the things i NEED, well im sorry if i dont have the luxury of hitting all the stores in the county. im extremely grateful for what i do in fact get – and i donate a lot of things to people who are less fortunate than i am – so before you go making comments like that to people, think about it.

        • Juls says

          and as far as “hitting” tons of those stores….those are each separately, once a week. i can see where you might come back and say “ooooh but you said you hit tons of stores”. you just seem like that kind of person.

        • Joy says

          Juls, I am so sorry. As soon as I sent my post, I regretted using the word “attitude”. I focused on the part of your post that said “screw it”. I just wanted you to be happy that we still have double dollars. I am so sorry for all that you are going through and wish you the very best!

    • robin says

      I love Saginaw Krogers, I travel an hour to the closest one for me. If the deals I are good my husband and I try to find stock at all 4 stores. After driving that far, whats another 7 miles between them all!!! Happy Shopping!!!!

  22. Debra says

    I figured this was going to happen soon b/c we recently had the big Kroger ad with all of the digital coupons in Atlanta metro; it seemed they were really pushing those. I like the digital just hard to see/remember what you have on there and of course you don’t save as much. I do like the Kroger ap. We’ll see!

  23. Christine says

    Part of me wants to take a positive look on it since the digital coupon offerings are becoming better but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to go back to customer service because some didn’t come off. So frustrating and time consuming! Guess I’ll be going to Publix more, too.

  24. Kayla S says

    I live in Louisville, KY (Mid South region) and Kroger still doubles here. Waiting for the hammer to drop and they stop doubling like the other regions :/

  25. Jennifer says

    I live in metro Atlanta. I used to regularly shop at Kroger, but I stopped once they stopped doubling coupons in the Delta region. Pretty much after the last sale in the fall where you could get 10 cans of Rotel for only $1.00, and 10 boxes of Hefty freezer bags for $5.00. I knew that it would only be a matter of time before they stopped doubling, but I figured maybe they wouldn’t in the Southeast because Publix kicks their butt on sales and coupons. To me the mega sales aren’t really worth it even with coupons that make for free items. I don’t want to have to buy six free cans of glade just so I can get something for my kid with a coupon at a decent price, and not have to buy five of that item to stock up and spend a small fortune. Plus I had to drive out of my way to get to Kroger, and when the shelves were wiped and I didn’t feel like standing in a long customer service line with a wiggly toddler, even if spending money at Kroger got me points to save on gas… I did the math and realized that it just wasn’t worth it. It would be cheaper for me to split my time between Publix and Ingles which are right down the road, instead of drive the 10-15 miles to get to Kroger.

  26. says

    I have already called customer service @ 1-800-krogers and voiced my complaint
    and tod them that once they stop doubling coupons, I will no longer be a kroger
    customer. We all need to call and complain and also stop shopping there and
    they might come to their senses. I love Publix BOGO sales.

  27. Patti says

    I live in Cinti and it took some time before getting use to no doubles. I use less coupons and look for their brand name. I actually have been visiting Aldi grocery Store for their milk and dairy products as well as their produce and bread items. It is there where I see the real savings. I do buy gift cards at Krogers and my prescriptions to take advantage of the fuel points. As several readers have commented, you have to work harder for the sales.

  28. says

    I’m in North Texas, and I don’t shop at Kroger as much as I used to. They haven’t lowered prices at all. I actually use my little coupons at Tom Thumb (Safeway), because they will double/triple one like a per transaction. So I shop there more. I also buy more groceries at Super Target. Many times, they release Target Coupons that I can stack, so it’s kind of like a double anyway. My Target has much lower prices than Kroger on the things my family eats everyday. Like, my husband eats Cracklin Oat Bran cereal. It’s $2.99/box at Target, but $4.39 for the same box at Kroger.

  29. Erin says

    I am a recent transplant to metro Atlanta. I started shopping at Kroger and followed your blog. Most of my Kroger coupon scenarios don’t involve double coupons and I still manage to keep my grocery budget and then some. It will take some time to adjust on having no doubles but it work out in the end. From where I was from, there were no doubles period but there were a lot of grocery chains that were constantly battling for business – hence lowering prices on a lot things. You never know – Publix might cut double coupons as well – to keep the competition alive. It’s all about competition and how the stores increase and decrease prices.

  30. Carrie says

    I’ve begun to mainly use Kroger for their “Managers Special” produce/meat/dairy etc. I cannot BELIEVE how my store MUST over-order items every week but I do love it. I’ve gotten 10 packs of Applegate uncured bacon for $2.49/ea and throw it in the freezer (that stuff is Delicious) The closest Publix to me is 30 miles otherwise I’d much prefer Publix but the gas/time just isn’t worth it.

  31. Lrich says

    I agree with Wendy, a few comments above. I love the passion of everyone posting here, but Kroger Corporate likely doesn’t follow this blog (no offense, b/c I love it!!) We all need to call and/or write letters. People frequently get outraged, but without feedback directly to the company, how can we expect them to care!

  32. Amanda says

    I’m in the midsouth region where they are still doubling but I’ve noticed prices on alot of the basics that I buy regularly are creeping up by a few cents each month, (oatmeal wnet up .64 cents from last month alone) I suspect they will stop doubling soon and start advertising the new “lower” prices which will in fact just go back to the old prices


    I just talked to the Manager at Kroger on Hartley Bridge Road in Macon, GA and he said he hasn’t read the official letter yet, doesn’t know the exact date/time this will be taken place but he has heard this was going to happen! So yes, unfortunately its true in my area and I guess I’ll be going back to shopping at Walmart!

  34. amy says

    In the Delta region they have an online survey that our store is encouraging its customers to complete. They want us couponers to let corporate know that we don’t like the discontinuation of doubling. And they also said if you have a Whole Foods in the area to mention you’ll be shopping there. Whole Foods doubles and Kroger corporate is very interested in being a serious competitor with them.

  35. Carol says

    Just wanted to add my two cents. I had a feeling Kroger was going to stop doubles as soon as they remodeled the place. Not a problem for me, I still have Publix. NOTHING EVER would make me step foot back into a Wal-Mart.

  36. Jennifer says

    Midsouth still offers doubles. Meijer just stopped doubling here, though, so kroger will probably not be far behind.

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