Kroger Ends Double Coupons In Louisville Too

no-double-couponsWell A couple of days ago I shared that Kroger was ending double coupons here in the Atlanta area on 9/22 and David & Lynn emailed to let us know that it looks like they added the MidSouth/Louisville region to the list too.

I have received a ton of emails over the past couple of days and no one is jumping for joy. I know everyone is very frustrated. Most of you are indicating that the supposed "lower prices" are not really helping your budget and many of you are opting to shop elsewhere. I get it...believe me!

Feel free to share your experiences or just vent in the comments!



  1. says

    you would think that Kroger can see how many customers are upset and are starting to go elsewhere. I myself am now going to publix. I rarely go to Kroger unless I have an awesome coupon for an awesome sale but not doing any other grocery shopping there for the most part. I haven’t seen any really change in prices that would keep me going at this point. I hate that.

  2. tammy says

    I have caught the krogers where I live over charging for most items and am REALLY getting tired of it. Lastnight my order came to $13.76, I gave the cashier $11 worth of catalina coupons and after takinf them, she still insisted I owed her almost $5.00 out of my pocket when in reality I only owed her $2.76. Then they said it was tax on the coupons and when I loked at the screen it was trying to charge me $.78 for each $3.00 coupon! Be careful if you have a large order when going there….Lord only knows how many times we have ALL been overcharged. And their “new lower prices?” I don’t think $3.59 for a gallon of milk, (when it’s $2.50 everywhere else), is a low price. I wish I could find somewhere else to shop. Oh, and also like rite now thete is a mega event but my krogers only allows 5 like coupons in one order and does NOT let you do seperate transactions.

    • grace says

      yeah, I have gotten so many freebies for their overcharging, I am starting to get worried at how many I have missed! It’s crazy! at times during the mega sale, one item that was marked as part of the mega sale does not ring up as mega sale making you pay non-mega sale price! I noticed, went to customer service, and most of the people on the line had the same complaint! I live in a university town, and in the evening it is the students who are in charge, they don’t care! I’d rather shop during the day

  3. Carol says

    I’m sad to hear this in the Atlanta area and other areas. I have frequented Kroger less these days except during the mega sales since I am able to consistently get a variety of items for my family from Publix and I can use my 2-3 double coupons without any hassle. This not only makes me love Publix more, but will also cause me not to choose Kroger, even on the best of sales.

  4. says

    That’s interesting. I’ve been having things ring up at the wrong price fairly often too. I haven’t thought much of it since I pay attention and end up with freebies under the scan right policy.

    There are still very good deals to be had at Kroger. Just not as many. And I go out of my way not to give them business on things that aren’t the good deals. Their food is so expensive. Non food stuff still has some great sales sometimes though. Generally, if you maintain a stockpile, just increase the amount.

  5. Roci R says

    I was at Kroger earlier and spoke with a cashier that I am friends with. She recommended logging on to Kroger and letting them know how your shopping habits have changed due to double coupon policies and to quantify it if possible. For example, my Kroger still doubles, but Meijer stopped doubling. Since Meijer stopped doubling Kroger has received 90% of my business vs. the 25% it used to receive. Don’t know if it will help, but it’s worth a shot.

  6. Contessa says

    Yet another reason for me to do all of my shopping at Publix even though Kroger is across the street from me and Publix is half mile away.
    Publix is much cleaner than my Kroger and friendlier too.

    I see that there wasn’t any Friday digiyal coupon for a free item today. Did that program end in August?

  7. Jennifer says

    This is another reason I love Publix! No drama! Clean stores, great service, excellent bakery,meat, produce. Coupon friendly. I hope they expand northward! They would give the other stores a run for their money!!

  8. Margie says

    I was doing 99% of my shopping at Publix, but I was buying most of my meats at Kroger because their chicken and other meats were usually a lot less expensive. But a few months ago they had Ribeye & NY Strip steaks for $4.99lb when you purchased it in whole. Then I had them cut into steaks, which they did for free. I took them home & froze them, thinking I had gotten the deal of the century. Well, the steaks were HORRIBLE! They had so much fat that you wound up wasting more steak than you ate. I should have learned my lesson, but not me…I’m always looking for the bargain. Well, a few weeks ago they had whole pork that you cook all day in your smoker. This sucker bought not one, but two of them. Both of them were full of fat & yielded very little meat. The last one I bought at Publix fed my family for several days. I’m glad I won’t be going into Kroger as much since they’re not doubling coupons anymore…now I won’t be tempted to keep giving their meat another chance!

  9. Robin says

    I have already decided that for any and all coupons under a dollar I will now be shopping only at Publix.. I rely on coupons to make my ends meet, I am on a VERY tight budget.. Krogers will get the message that this was NOT a good idea to do once they see how it impacts their sales…

  10. abby says

    Any idea why they are doing this? It’s just making a lot of customers mad. Are they really losing that much money by doubling our coupons?

    • Patrcia says

      I think the manufacturers are the ones that are pressuring them to stop doubling coupons. They have never liked stores that double them which is why they put that statement about not doubling on some coupons.

  11. Krista says

    I am so upset about this I am in the Indiana area so I went to Walmart :((( I could cry. It just makes me sick to go to walmart for my groceries. Walmart is a hang out in our town in the evening for people that creep me out and crack heads. I will go back to stupid Kroger but I vow to only use 1.00 + coupons and buy a LOT less. Supplement with Aldi, which I had stopped doing since I was getting such good double coupons deals at Kroger. I am just digusted.

    • Patrcia says

      I hate walmart and only shop there when I get a very good deal. Walmart coupon policy seems to very store to store and cashier to cashier. I went to one and they said they would not give overage anymore and then the next day they did. I actually had a stocker run from me because i was trying to ask him a question about where something was. He ran and I followed him until he ran behind employee only doors. Walmart has the worst employees as they are rude and do not care about thier customers.

  12. Leslie says

    I only wish I would’ve kept a record of the items’ prices before they stopped doubling, and implemented “lower prices”. I don’t have any faith that these prices are lower, and I wish I could prove it.

  13. Kayla S says

    I live in Louisville, KY and knew it was only a matter of time. It is going to be weird to get used to for sure! I will miss it :(

  14. tee says

    I know this site is “I heart kroger” but I never really have. We use to have Farmer Jacks here years ago and that is where I went even though I passed kroger to get there. I really dislike the kroger near me which is the only grocery store close by. The workers are disinterested. The store is not the cleanest and it is so small you would probably be shocked. I have to drive 5-10 miles to get to walmart(yuk) or meijers( get you walking shoes on) and also a larger nicer kroger. I hear so many things about Publix. I wish we had a choice.

  15. Kristen says

    Well according to an email I just received from Meijer they will also stop doubling coupons in the Louisville area on September 25th. Anyone else think the two stores stopping doubling at the same time in the same areas reeks of anti-trust violations??

  16. Kristen says

    According to an email I got from Meijer today they will also stop doubling coupons in the Louisville area on September 25th. Anyone else think the two stores stopping doubling at the same time in the same areas reeks of anti-trust violations??

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