No More Doubles For Kroger Southwest

No More Doubles For Kroger Southwest

It looks like yet another Kroger region will stop doubling coupons at the end of the month. Patricia has seen signs at her store and Stephanie got a letter that double coupons will end as of 10/30. Both Patricia and Stephanie are in Louisiana which I believe is Kroger Southwest.

I'm not sure that there are many regions left that still double coupons at this point. As you guys know they stopped doubling in my area and in MidSouth last month. I know that those of you in that area are very frustrated. I have gotten a number of emails and most of you are indicating that the supposed "lower prices" are not really helping your budget and many of you are opting to shop elsewhere. I get it...believe me!

As always you can feel free to vent in the comments!


  1. Amanda says

    I’ve spent less than $50 at Kroger since they stopped doubling here last month. The prices didn’t get any lower on any of the items I normally purchase, in fact some have gone up a few cents. The kroger brand seltzer water I normally buy has always been .89 for the liter bottle, this past weekend it was “on sale” for 4/$5.00 which is a .36 jump per bottle from the former regular price. I just left without buying anything this weekend, all the items I went for were higher than at walmart I just didnt want to stand in line all morning over there but after realizing how much a quicker checkout was going to cost I just bit the bullet and went down the road to the walmart.

  2. Steph says

    Columbus/Great lakes area is still safe. I am in Ohio and since Meijer stopped doubling in August I thought that might affect my area but so far it has not. But I’m prepared for when it does. In a way it almost doesn’t seem fair that Kroger does still double in a few areas. When Meijer stopped, they stopped in every store.

  3. Teddysmom says

    I went into Kroger last night to pick up a few things on the way home with some leftover pharmacy rewards I have from transferring prescriptions. It was EMPTY!!! Gas was 20cents cheaper than neighboring gas stations before the discounts, and they were offering double gas rewards. I think they are definitely feeling the hit!

  4. Jennifer says

    I went shopping at Kroger a few days ago. We haven’t had doubles for awhile and this month they did a store “remodel”. It is awful and all you hear are people complaining as you shop. I noticed that quite a few staple items that I buy were quite high. Example: boneless, skinless chicken is usually $6.99 for a 3 pd bag, Aldi’s price is $5.49, I buy from Kroger (the only store in my town) when I can’t get to Aldi. Kroger’s new sale price $8.99!!! This was for Tyson, the Kroger brand was $9.99!
    This was not the only example, just the most dramatic. I told my husband I would have saved at least $20 by going over to Aldi, but it was closed. I am going to make it a point to get over there and get my basics. I just can’t afford Kroger anymore:(

  5. elizabeth says

    I truly believe Kroger is trying to drive couponers away from their stores. Their management has made comments in the past about couponers being “cherry pickers” (only buying what is on sale, and not being a loyal Kroger shopper). I guess what they fail to realize or just don’t care, is that while that may be true for some couponers, others will buy necessity items while picking up sale items just for convenience sake. My goal while shopping is of course to save money, but I am also very limited in time. I will pay a little more for an item just so I DON’T have to waste my time and gas running around to 10 stores. Now that Kroger has stopped doubling, they have taken away my motivation to shop in their store at all, and I will be making one grocery trip a week – to PUBLIX.

    • Angela says

      ^^ Yes! Ditto here! I haven’t been back to Kroger since they’ve stopped doubling. Publix is the only place I shop now! :-)

  6. Gina says

    I am from the Delta region. We lost our doubles in April and their “lower prices” are a joke. Fortunately, we have a regional chain called Hays Supermarkets and they double up to $0.60. They are also a bit cheaper on some things than Kroger. Higher on others, but their sales are usually quite good and with the doubles I end up saving a fair amount by shopping there. I usually only go to Kroger now for the things I can get for a dollar or less with an undoubled coupon. :(

  7. Ashley says

    I live in Louisiana and Kroger has been my store since i started couponing. They will stop doubling on Friday the 1st. I’ll be driving across town to Albertsons to get the deals. THe new signs they are posting for “new lower prices” are often higher than the old price but those who do not pay attention to the prices dont notice. Prices on most of my “have to have” items are going up already. I’ll still shop the good sales but for the $100’s i spend on food every month i’ll be going to Albertsons, or even to the dreded walmart for price matching. Kroger thinks this will save them money but something tells me they will lose in the end. I also do the shopping for our office and use kroger but will be stopping that as well.

  8. Vera says

    I live in Atlanta and since Kroger stopped doubling last month here, I’ve only stepped foot in there twice. I will gladly take my business to Publix where they actually value my business.

    • Contessa says

      My thoughts exactly. My Kroger has seemed to raise a few prices and they were nevber very coupon friendly anyway. The last time I went, a few weeks ago, they won’t even take coupons if the item is “on sale”. Pffft.

      I check and see what the free digital Friday coupon is and I sometimes load those but that is all I will even think about going to Kroger for. The Kroger that I went to – right across the street – has higher prices, a horrible coupon policy, a dirty store (OMG don’t even think about using the restroom there!), they don’t care if expired products are on the shelves, grumpy cashiers and CS people – why would I go there when the Publix up the street is clean, friendly and they welcome couponers? I hope someone at Kroger reads this blog and gets a clue

      • Glenn says

        I guess that just goes to show how much individual store management can make a difference. I live a few blocks from a Kroger that stopped doubling about two years ago. They have friendly employees, cashiers that I’ve never had any problems with (coupon-related or otherwise), and clean aisles. While they certainly aren’t perfect, they overall run a “good” store. When doubling stopped, the parking lots were pretty empty for a month. Things got even worse for them while there was major road construction going on along their main entrance during the following month. But you know what? After that, they were back to normal and now the parking lot is packed more now than before the coupon policy change.

        I personally don’t shop there as much as before the policy change, but I do still shop their sales and even still make the occasional “regular” shopping trip there.

  9. Jessica Lawson says

    Glad our Toledo stores ( which we have sooo many)
    Are still doubling!! Plus our Perrysburg Toledo
    Store double up to .99 cents!! :-))

  10. Becky says

    Although our Kroger region quit doubling 7/31, I have still found it worthwhile to stop in for their manager’s specials (orange stickers) and for their weekly low-price items. Combined with some great $1 IPCs (which I’ve seen more and more of recently), I’ve still found lots of freebies. They’ve also had some very decent sales, i.e., Private Selection buy 4, save $4; and we’re still enjoying cereal from the GM sale combined with the Kroger digital coupon that could be used 5 times (20 boxes). The Kotex cat and Degree/Dove cats resulted in lots of free pantyliners and deodorant! There are still plenty of great deals out there!

  11. Peggy says

    I too am one who now limits my shopping at Kroger, and I have been going there for YEARS. I took a stroll through the store just to observe their products/prices. It is Aldi & Walmart for me! I really think that they will feel the loss in time. However, by then I will be content; I’m sure. So long Kroger…

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