Chipotle Gift Card Discount At Kroger + 4x Fuel Points Reminder

kroger-chipotleIf you are a fan of Chipotle (like me) then you will like the new digital coupons over on the Kroger site. You can load up some savings on Chipoltle gift cards.

I shared a while back that starting today you receive 4 x Fuel points when you buy gift cards. So those gift cards coupons would make for a nice little double dip. BUT…be sure and check your receipt as Nancy found that she did NOT earn the points today. Just a heads up to make sure you get your perks - watch those receipts!

Thanks to Penny Watcher and Nancy. Both have an entry into this week’s Email & Win contest. If you find a deal at Kroger make sure you email me for your entry!


  1. David says

    I received 256 points or my $64 Amazon gift card today. Signs were all over the Georgetown, KY marketplace. Stack this with the $2 gas discount through Jan 31 and I see very cheap gas through the holidays.

  2. Robyn says

    I purchased a Red Lobster gift card today but did not know there were 4X points- no signs up in our store! Just checked receipt and did not receive the points. Is there a way to get the points I lost? By the way, I am new to this site- just found it today- and I am so glad I did! I will be checking back daily. We only shop Kroger!

    • Michelle says

      I would contact Kroger corp…they should be able to make the adjustment or get you to someone who can :-)
      Glad you found the site too…welcome!!

  3. Andrew says

    The coupon didn’t work here in Cincinnati, OH right off at the register. Had to go to customer service for them to override. Coupon did say it was good only in some states, but did not list which were not eligible. Kroger reps were good to help me and I DID get my 4x fuel points.

  4. Steph says

    Where I live in Ohio the start date for the 4x points was Monday 11/18. Also, my store had not put up the signage advertising the 4x promo. Going to see later this week if the chipotle digital q works.

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