Tide Pods – Great Price At Kroger + A Giveaway!

October 1, 2012 

tide pods

Ok, I am going to go out on a limb and guess that doing laundry is not at the top of any of your “favorite things to do” list.  Laundry is definitely not something I look forward to each week. With two very messy little boys, I typically do at least 5 loads of laundry in an average week.

Like most moms, I am in constant motion. I am on the go from the moment I wake up until the time my head hits the pillow in utter exhaustion. So, I am always looking for things to simplify my life. One of the ways I save time is with Tide Pods.

Now, I know it may not seem one little pack would mean I am gaining a ton of time but it really does make a difference. I can pop a Tide Pod in my wash and go. Since the pods are detergent, stain remover and brightener all in one I don’t have to fumble with bottles and caps trying to measure what I need. A simple throw and go…and I am off to my next to do!

I have always trusted Tide with my laundry and the new Tide Pods offer the same reliable clean I have come to depend on.

I think my favorite thing about Tide Pods is that my guys actually help me with the laundry. I don’t have to worry that they have missed adding anything to the load. Plus, my boys think it is fun to slam dunk the pack into the washer while I sort the piles. Hey, I will take any help I can get!

Right now is a great time to grab Tide Pods at Kroger.

Starting September 30th and through October 13th, we will have a $0.50/1 P&G e-Saver coupon for Tide Pods available on Kroger.com that can be loaded directly to our Kroger Plus (or Kroger affiliate) shopper’s card. In addition, Pods will be priced competitively with other stores, making it as convenient as the product itself to buy at Kroger. I know you guys are already there shopping for all the great deals that I post here on the site.

In addition to the Tide Pods eCoupon, you can also load Bounce and Downy eCoupons. With the coupons and deals, you can grab all of your laundry needs at a great price at Kroger.

Head over and load the following coupons to your Kroger Plus card:

How would you guys like to grab your own Tide Pods? Two I Heart Kroger readers will win a $25 Kroger gift card so you can pick up some Tide Pods and simplify your laundry routine.

To enter, head over HERE and complete the form. Then come back here and leave a comment letting me know what you would do with the extra time you get thanks to Tide Pods.

The giveaway will be open until 10/12 at 11 pm EST.  As a reminder, comments left on Facebook, Twitter or other posts will not be included.

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post. The information and giveaway were provided by the folks at P&G. All comments and opinions are my own.

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92 Responses to “Tide Pods – Great Price At Kroger + A Giveaway!”
  1. Carey says:

    I would be able to enjoy scrap booking more and also spend more time with my kids and husband doing fall things like going to apple orchards, hay rides ect.

  2. David says:

    The time saved using Tide pods will give me time to find more laundry laying around the house to wash.

    Realistically-the idea is great. During our last vacation, we put some liquid Tide in a tupperware bowl, it leaked all over during the trip. Now we just take a couple of pods, toss them in the wash, and the worry is gone.

    Don’t forget the .50 off coupon in the paper a few weeks ago. If your Kroger doubles, each pack of Pods will be $2.99 when you buy 2, at least in the midsouth region. That is a great bargain.

  3. Kayla S says:

    I would be able to focus more time on school rather than sorting and washing laundry! :)

  4. Stephenie says:

    I would spend more time playing with my 2 small kids!!

  5. Diane G says:

    I would enjoy an extra cup of coffee.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Gives me time to sit with My daughter as she watches her cartoons I look for more coupon deals to help save our family $$.

  7. Krista says:

    I’d spend more time with my daughter! ;)

  8. Deborah M says:

    It would give me some extra time to check out more deals and clip coupons.

  9. diane says:

    I’d spend more time with my 11 1/2 year old ‘puppy’. Things are getting harder for her, and I want to make her as happy as I can for as long as possible.

  10. Heidi S. says:

    I would spend more time in the kitchen baking fall pies.

  11. kendra says:

    I have two small little boys, and another on the way. Laundry pods have made life so much easier! No more measure and pour! My little guys love to help with laundry, and the pods have made it fun for all of us because they get to be more involved! They give us more time to plan our next adventure!

  12. Priscilla Cantu says:

    I will spend extra time couponing so I can save more money!!!!!

  13. Angela says:

    With a family of 7, laundry is a never-ending battle! It would allow me to find the bottom of my laundry hamper, and give me time to get everyone’s clothes put away!

  14. mama says:

    I will use the time to play more with my kids!

  15. Emily says:

    I might actually get the clothes put away! Seems like I’m always running or the boys need something and I get sidetracked. Folded laundry can sit in baskets at my house for days!!!

  16. Lisa says:

    I would spend more time sewing and making Christmas ornaments.

  17. Margaret says:

    I would like to say organizing and cleaning, but probably would play with my kids or read. Or read to my kids!

  18. Christie says:

    I would spend the extra time with my kids!

  19. Mandy Stucke says:

    More time to breath and watch my son grow.

  20. Miriam Kim says:

    I would use this extra time to teach my 3-year-old how to cook. He loves learning and helping me when I cook dinner or lunch but sometimes, I’m so pressed for time that I don’t have the time to let him help as much. At only three years old, he knows how to prepare and make a few dishes! :)

  21. Megan Lyons says:

    I would use the extra time just to enjoy spending time with my 4 kids!

  22. Heather says:

    I would spend the extra time getting more organized!

  23. denise says:

    taking a few moments for me, hiding in the laundry room. no one needs to know that laundry is a one step no brainer ;)

  24. Lisa Gallagher says:

    With 2 teenaged girls, laundry is never-ending. Sneaking in a few minutes of reading time is always top of my list

  25. Tiffany says:

    I would get to sit with my daughter in my lap which is always what she asks me to do. There is nothing like the feeling of wrapping your hands around your child. I will hate the day she stops asking.

  26. Laura says:

    Aww I always love to read the responses to that question!:) well, I’d have more time to coupon of course! Oh and keep on top of I heart kroger, I heart Publix and I heart saving money!!

  27. Erin J says:

    I’d use the extra laundry time to remember to check pockets. With 2 little guys and a husband I find all kinds of things in my washer and dryer! Some are funny and some not so much!

  28. Teddys mom says:

    I might actually get it all done! As a mom of 3 boys, two of which are teenagers who are only home long enough to ask where their clean cloths are, and one who is potty training, 5 loads a week sounds like a dream! I remember having a hobby….a very long time ago!

  29. Megan says:

    I would take a moment and read a few pages of a book that I have been reading and it seems like I have been reading it forever due to the lack of time spent on reading.

  30. Hunter says:

    Help my wife with the endless dishes.

  31. dawn says:

    Spend more time with my family!

  32. Kelley says:

    Read to my children

  33. Kelly says:

    Enjoy more time outside with my children

  34. Contessa says:

    I would spend the extra time to perhaps finish all the other cleaning projects that I don’t have time for!

  35. Kristin says:

    I would love love love the time to dig out my Halloween stuff and decorate the house up!

  36. lexie says:

    Would spend extra time for my baby girl

  37. Roberta says:

    I would get to spend more time with my husband….

  38. Jason says:

    I’d take my son fishing.

  39. Amanda says:

    I would spend the extra time looking for cute halloween costumes for my kids and get a jump start on decorating.

  40. Jessie C. says:

    I’d spend time reading and doing yoga.

  41. Erin says:

    I would read a book!

  42. Jenni C. says:

    I would spend more time reading my BIBLE, then I would sort and clip more coupons.

  43. Amanda says:

    The weather is getting cooler… I would bake!

  44. Karen Gee says:

    I would have more time to spend with my soon to be 6 year old son. He loves to read to me. lol

  45. Christa says:

    If I had more time to NOT spend on my laundry, I would continue to take thousands of pictures of my girls outside… playing… runnning… smiling. I think they are the prettiest, and I just love capturing their sweet faces on my camera!

  46. Sharolyn says:

    I would use that time to spend with my 4 kids.

  47. LauraD says:

    Take a longer walk with my hubby and dogs. This time of year is our favorite for getting out to the metro parks :)

  48. ac says:

    I would just relax and watch tv, some king of queens! :)

  49. Kalysta P says:

    With Kids, school, and work, a little time off would be great to spend in silence at the theatre :-D

  50. Danielle says:

    I didn’t fill out the form, so this isn’t a contest entry. I’m just saying. Come on. How long does it really take to pour the detergent in the cup? So we’re saving what? Twenty seconds? I don’t despute that they’re cool and fun and easy to use. But a time saver? Really? Lmao!

  51. Kim N. says:

    I would take a moment to breathe, relax and smell the roses!

  52. sandra lashley says:

    I think that I may sneak in cat nap with the time I save using Tide Pods. With 6 in the house the laundry is never done though. :)

  53. Jessica says:

    I would actually have the time to remember to put the clothes in the washer before I forget that I am doing laundry! Isn’t it crazy how fast someone can forget what they were doing?

    • Lisa says:

      Don’t feel bad…
      I was doing laundry the other day and I poured the soap in and walked away and never turned the washer on!!! I went to put the sheets in the dryer and realized that I had never even started the washer.

  54. Lisa says:

    I will use the extra time to study, coupon and wedding plan! I’m newly engaged and graduating college in the spring. :)

  55. Kathy says:

    I’d try to relax and enjoy the extra few minutes, though I’m not sure I’d be successful!

  56. Karin A says:

    I’d catch up on my reading.

  57. LAMusing says:

    I’d read a book!

  58. Deb says:

    I would do more couponing of course!

  59. Mel says:

    I’d take a long shower!…wait, a nap, no, I’d drink a cup of coffee. So many options!!

  60. cindy says:

    Using tide pods will help me spend time with laundry and spend more time with my 15 month old daughter crawling through tunnels, coloring and wherever else her curiosity takes her.

  61. sonja says:

    I would spend my extra time looking for Coupons, Freebies and Codes!! Whoop

  62. Glenn says:

    I usually spend most of the time during washing cycles listening to music (with headphones) while reading. If Tide Pods can really cut down on my prep time, then that means more time for reading and relaxing!

  63. Michelle says:

    I love to using the Tide pods becuase the scent coming from my laudry room makes it the BEST SMELLING chore to do while I spend time watching a FULL MOVIE with my family of 9!

  64. Buffy says:

    I would spend more time with my two kiddos and husband, spend more time studying my school work and spend more time following I Heart Kroger, I Heart Publix and I Heart Saving Money!!!!

    Thanks, Michelle, for all you do!!!!

  65. Marcia Montgomery says:

    I would spend more time couponing and spend more time on I heart kroger!

  66. Pearl says:

    I will defintely spend the time on my meal planning for the week

  67. Kari says:

    I would spend more time packing…we’re moving 12 hours away!!

  68. I might actually clean my laundry room (also my bathroom, thanks to a small apartment) while the Tide does all the hard work with my laundry :-)

  69. I would spend more time playing with my 5 kids.

  70. Laura says:

    I would have more time to clip coupons and get even more great deals if Tide did all of the work.

  71. asmith says:

    planning my day

  72. April Morrison says:

    I entered. Thank you for the giveaway. I love pods!

  73. April Morrison says:

    Oops, I forgot to say what I would do with the extra time I get. I would use it to organize 25 years of photos.

  74. Kathryn W says:

    Since I’m a working mother, I like to spend my free time with my 2 year old!! and will also enjoy spending time with our new little one that is due in a week.

  75. debra greenhill says:

    volunteer more time at the red cross

  76. Barbara A. says:

    more time for sewing for all the sweet new babies in my life!

  77. Kati E. says:

    Spend more time playing with my sweet pumpkin

  78. Amy H. says:

    I start laundry right before I read my son a story at bedtime. I would ready him another book with the extra time. He loves it when I read to him!

  79. Julie R says:

    Spend more quality time with my boys! Thanks for the giveaway!

  80. tami says:

    I would spend the extra times playing with my kids

  81. tpv says:

    I love the idea of the pods. I think they would save me some time so I could get the dishes washed! Yup …always more chores. I might finally get to read for fun.

  82. Susan J says:

    I’d be able to do more laundry! hahaha

  83. Bessie says:

    Maybe I would be able to get some other housework done!

  84. Tammy F. says:

    get all my coupons clipped and organized

  85. cam says:

    I would spend more time reading, that way I could actually finish a book.

  86. TanyaW says:

    I would spent more time at home playing with my son and pets, instead of saying ‘in a minute’ to go do chores!

  87. Amanda Hoffman says:

    do more chores while my baby is napping

  88. Theresia says:

    I would use the extra time I had from using Tide Pods to decorate my home for the fall season. I love this time of year!!!!

  89. Karen Widdifield says:

    I’d use the extra time to organize my laundry room.

  90. Susan S says:

    I’m usually watching TV in the front living room.. so it would be easier to run to the back room where the washer is during a commercial and pop one in and get back in time!

  91. Julie says:

    I entered.

    Having 3 girls (ages 8, 2, 5months) you can imagine how much laundry I have to do, between spit up and several wardrobe changes with my 2 year old it seems like my laundry pile is never ending. This could really help out on our laundry expenses. Thanks for the giveaway

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