Oscar Mayer Carving Board Pulled Pork Deal

March 9, 2013 

oscar mayer carving board pulled pork

Glenn emailed to remind me that the Oscar Mayer Carving Board Catalina offer matches up with coupon that many of us got from the Facebook Oscar Mayer Carving Board Pulled Pork Tastemonials offer.

If you got the free coupon in the mail and are planning to grab more than one package, you might as well grab it now when you can get a Catalina too!

Glenn has an entry into this week’s Email & Win contest. If you find a deal at Kroger make sure you email me for your entry!

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4 Responses to “Oscar Mayer Carving Board Pulled Pork Deal”
  1. Karina says:

    i tried to do this with my free coupon, and the catalina did not yield. i was told it was because i only paid for one item.

    • Audrey says:

      did the catalina company tell you that or your store? I wanted to buy 2 with my free coupon also. So disappointed if it does not work :(

  2. Gaxo Tran says:

    Don’t get the one with spices! It tasted horrible…

  3. Bella says:

    How much are these at Kroger on average?

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