Checkout 51 Offers For 3/13 to 3/19

March 12, 2014 

Zaycon Foods – Stock Up WIth Great Prices On Meat

February 25, 2014 


I wanted to let you guys know that Zaycon foods is currently taking orders in the Southeast. Right now they are offering some great prices on sausage links, bacon, ground beef, and ham in March and April (pick-up dates depend on your location):

  • Bacon – Hickory Smoked, Medium Sliced – 36 lbs @ $3.69/lb
  • Pork Sausage Links (Frozen) – 20 lbs  @ $2.69/lb
  • Fresh Ground Beef, Lean, LFTB free (93/7) – 40 lbs @ $3.99/lb
  • Carvemaster Boneless Applewood Smoked Ham – 22 lbs @ $3.49/lb

As you can see, Zaycon prices are generally cheaper than we can get on sale at the store – plus the quality of their products is really phenomenal. I have been using Zaycon for years now and I love being able to stock my freezer at a great price. I spend an hour or two prepping everything for the freezer and I know that I will not need to shop for that type of meat for quite a while.

I know plenty of folks that love Zaycon products and quality, but who just don’t have enough freezer space to store the 40 pounds of beef at once. In that case, you might want to think about splitting an order with a friend or two. That way you still get the great savings and quality without needing to purchase quite as much.

Head over here and search your zip code to see what Zaycon foods events are coming to your area….then get ready to stock up at at great price!

All You Magazine One Year Subscription Just $5 – Only 42¢ Per Issue!!

February 14, 2014 

All You 6 issues for $1.66/issue

I shared this on my other sites and thought you guys might like it too!

If you guys have been waiting to grab an AllYou subscription – you’ll love this deal. Right now you can grab a year subscription for just $5. Yep–that’s just 42¢ per issue!

Looks like it’s time for me to get my subscription at my new house. I haven’t had the chance to move my magazine subscriptions yet…so I will definitely take advantage of this one.

Remember this magazine is filled with coupons. At 42¢ per issue, it’s more than worth it in my opinion.

Checkout 51 Offers 2/13 to 2/19

February 13, 2014 

Checkout 51 Offers - Expire 2-19-14

It’s Thursday…that means we have a new list of cash back offers from Checkout 51.  The following offers are in effect through at 11:59 PM on Wednesday, February 19, 2014.

To get started with Checkout 51, just follow these steps:

  1. Sign up
  2. Browse your offers and buy products at any store.
  3. Upload your receipt using Checkout 51.
  4. They will confirm your purchase and credit your account.
  5. When your account reaches $20, you can cash out and they’ll mail a check to you!

Here are this week’s offers:

Hallmark Card Rewards – Earn Rewards For Every Card You Purchase + A Chance To Win $500

November 25, 2013 

Hallmark-Card-Rewards-1-for-5-Graphic-398x320The holidays are just around the corner – that means we will be buying lots of cards for friends and loved ones. Since many of us will have cards on our shopping list I wanted to let you know about a great new program from Hallmark.

The folks at Hallmark let me know that they are starting up a great new program called Hallmark Card Rewards. With Hallmark Card Rewards, you earn a reward for every five Hallmark cards you buy. You earn a reward when you buy your cards at more than 30,000 grocery, drug stores and supercenters across the U.S. What’s great is that the program is free and super easy to use. Plus as a Card Rewards member, you will also receive exclusive offers and ideas that make it easy for you to keep being your thoughtful self.

Using the program is easy. Just make your card purchases then either log on to the Rewards site and record your purchases, or you can use the free app available for iPhone and Android to scan the barcode of the card you purchased. Reporting a card purchase takes about 30 seconds…nice and simple!

hallmark-krogerI love programs like this one because I like getting the best value for my money. Since I am going to buy Hallmark cards anyway…I am happy to get a little extra in the form of their rewards. Right now the available rewards are $5 gift cards or promo codes to a number of retailers like Starbucks, Applebee’s, Nike, and more. While the rewards available will likely change from time to time…these are definitely perks I will be happy to grab.

Hallmark is celebrating their new program with a nice little contest….they are giving $5oo to one of the first 1,000 new members to sign up for Hallmark Card Rewards starting today, 11/25. So be sure to hurry over and sign up. Not only will you be on your way to earning rewards whenever you buy Hallmark cards, but you just might be the lucky winner of that $500 prize!

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by the folks at Hallmark. All comments and opinions are my own.

More Kroger Holiday Reward Offers

November 19, 2013 

More Kroger Holiday Reward Offers

I posted the other day about the great Kroger Holiday Reward that Brad found for us. Well it seems like there are a number of these deals floating around. Sharon and Nancy both emailed that they found the following on their recent Kroger receipt. It looks like the total you need to spend to earn the reward may vary from person to person, so you will need to check your receipts to see if this is available for you and what dollar amount you are required to spend.

Kroger Holiday Rewards Offer
Effective 11/17 to 12/14
Spend a specific dollar amount and get a 10% Off Total Order Coupon (Valid 12/30 to 1/11/14).
Purchases exclude Rx, fuel, gift cards, alcohol, tobacco and office services.

Nancy noted that they’re remodeling one of her Kroger stores into a huge Marketplace. She checked it out last week and the receipt that she got there had a slightly different offer. So your best bet will be to check your receipt and plan accordingly. If you are stocking up wit the holiday deals, you should be able to earn even more savings.

Thanks to Sharon and Nancy. Both have an entry into this week’s Email & Win contest. If you find a deal at Kroger make sure you email me for your entry!

No More Doubles For Kroger Southwest

October 29, 2013 

No More Doubles For Kroger Southwest

It looks like yet another Kroger region will stop doubling coupons at the end of the month. Patricia has seen signs at her store and Stephanie got a letter that double coupons will end as of 10/30. Both Patricia and Stephanie are in Louisiana which I believe is Kroger Southwest.

I’m not sure that there are many regions left that still double coupons at this point. As you guys know they stopped doubling in my area and in MidSouth last month. I know that those of you in that area are very frustrated. I have gotten a number of emails and most of you are indicating that the supposed “lower prices” are not really helping your budget and many of you are opting to shop elsewhere. I get it…believe me!

As always you can feel free to vent in the comments!

New ibotta Offers – Chobani, Pyrex & More + Kroger Store Extra

October 17, 2013 

Fantastic ibotta Offers & Bonuses Available

August 31, 2013 


I shared this over on I Heart Publix and thought that you guys might want to jump on board too. If you haven’t signed up for ibotta you might want to give it a go. They are having a huge Labor Day celebration with some major bonuses and new offers. Heads up that the bonuses expire September 9th.

Some of these offers/bonuses overlap so you can really clean up if these items are on your shopping list. Grab them app and load your offers…that big $20 bonus is incredible. Think about it….you buy 10 product and get $20 cash back. That means you are already getting $2 off each item. Use coupons and you can get an incredible deal!

New Offers

$1.50 HUGGIES Diapers Any variety – Any size  
$0.75 HUGGIES Wipes Any variety – 40 ct. or larger  
$1.50 Pull-Ups Training Pants Any variety – Any size 
$1.50 GoodNites Youth Pants Any variety – Any size
$0.75 U by Kotex Tampons or Pads – Any variety – Any size
$1.50 Depend Any variety – 6 ct. or larger 
$1.25 Poise Pads and Liners Any variety – Any size 
$0.75 Scott Bath Tissue 8 pack or larger 
$1 Kleenex Facial Tissue Any variety – 3 pack or larger  
$0.75 Viva Paper Towels Any variety – 6 pack or larger  

New Combo Offers (All products must be purchased on the same shopping trip to receive credit for these offers)

$1.50 Softsoap brand & Kleenex Hand Towels Combo 

  • Product 1: Softsoap brand Liquid Hand Soap – Any variety – 8.5 oz. or larger
  • Product 2: Kleenex Hand Towels – 60 count box

$1.50 Palmolive & Scott Towels Combo

  • Product 1: Palmolive Dish Liquid – Any variety – 20 oz. or larger
  • Product 2: Scott Paper Towels – Paper Towels – 8 ct. package or larger

$3 Colgate & Kleenex Combo 

  • Product 1: Colgate Total Advanced Whitening Toothpaste – 5.8 oz. or larger
  • Product 2: Colgate 360° Optic White Toothbrush – 1 count or larger
  • Product 3: Kleenex Facial Tissue – Any variety – 72 ct. box or larger. Excludes multi-packs.

$1 Cottonelle Bath Tissue & Cleansing Cloths Combo  

  • Product 1: Cottonelle Bath Tissue for any variety, in 4 pack or larger.
  • Product 2: Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths, in dispenser or refill.


Pick Up The Values! Redeem any 10 of these offers earn an extra $20!

• Kleenex Facial Tissue
• Scott Bath Tissue
• Scott Naturals Flushable Cleansing Cloths
• Pull-Ups Training Pants
• GoodNites Youth Pants
• Depend
• Poise
• U by Kotex
• Viva Paper Towels
• Huggies Baby Wipes
• Huggies Diapers
• Softsoap brand Liquid Hand Soap and Kleenex Hand Towels combo
• Palmolive and Scott Paper Towels combo
• Colgate and Kleenex Facial Tissue combo
• Cottonelle Bath Tissue and Cottonelle Cleansing Cloths combo

$5 Autumn Stock Up Bonus (Redeem 2 or more of these offers on 2 separate days and earn an extra $5)
• Kleenex Facial Tissue
• Scott Bath Tissue
• Pull-Ups Training Pants
• GoodNites Youth Pants
• Depend
• Poise
• U by Kotex
• Viva Paper Towels
• Huggies Baby Wipes
• Huggies Diapers

$3 Kitchen and Bath Bonus (Redeem any 2 Kimberly-Clark and Colgate-Palmolive combo offers on the same trip and earn an extra $3)
• Softsoap brand Liquid Hand Soap and Kleenex Hand Towels combo
• Palmolive and Scott Paper Towels combo
• Colgate and Kleenex Facial Tissue combo
• Cottonelle Bath Tissue and Cottonelle Cleansing Cloths combo

$2 Hug Your Baby Bonus (Redeem both offers on the same trip and earn an extra $2)
• Huggies Baby Wipes
• Huggies Diapers

$3 Freshen Up! Bonus (Redeem any 3 of these offers on a single trip and earn an extra $3)
• Kleenex Facial Tissue
• Scott Bath Tissue
• Viva Paper Towels
• Cottonelle Bath Tissue and Cottonelle Cleansing Cloths combo

Earn 180 Recyclebank Points

August 17, 2013 

Recyclebank points

We have a couple great Recyclebank opportunities right now…do they both and score a total of 180 points!

Tons of stuff gets wasted at lunch, and your money is just the start. Learn what you can do about it at Recyclebank and earn 150 points!

Recyclebank points

Learn how to reduce your food waste. Earn 30 points when you visit Recyclebank to check out our tips on kitchen creativity and smarter shopping.

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